USS Constitution on route to save lost ship in Lembatta Cluster

USS Constitution on route to save lost ship in Lembatta Cluster

THE MARCHLANDS – The Linarans have requested the assistance of Starfleet to find a missing scout ship in the Lembatta Cluster.

After a well-deserved ribbons ceremony, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) enjoyed some downtime on Starbase 104. With shore leave underway, many of the crew broke off in groups, exploring all the rich activities that the starbase had to offer. Some of these crewmates found themselves skiing on the natural “The Space” mountain range; others explored the Hinji Bazaar or enjoyed one of the many recreational facilities as a relief from the stressful mission they had just completed.
But every shore leave has an end. The crew soon found themselves back on board preparing for their next mission: exploration of the Lembatta Cluster, which is mostly known for being the location of the events that lead to the destruction of the USS Farragut during the Second Federation-Klingon War.
Rather than facilitate a standard briefing, Captain Jalana Rajel, Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor, and Commander Saveron made their way to the various departments to personally brief them on the new mission. The science department was understandably excited to learn they would be venturing into a nebula that has remained vastly unexplored. Yet the mission would not be without risks such as radiation, magnetic and ion storms, and possibly hidden marauders and pirates. The crew was tasked with making the appropriate preparations for the conditions the ship would encounter.
Just as Lt. Cmdr. Traenor was about to give the order to disembark, however, he received a transmission from the Linaran diplomatic channel. Traenor was briefed by Minister Andarys Ohain from the Linaran Ministry of Science, learning that the Linarans had lost contact with a scout vessel in the Lembatta Cluster.
“Not having a large contingent of ships, the Linarans would be hit harshly by the loss of any of their vessels,” explained Dr. Keahvon of the Cerberus Group, a San Francisco think tank.
Realizing the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with the Linarans, Traenor invited Ohain onboard the Constitution to brief the senior staff on the situation and accompany the crew on their rescue mission.
Written by Sarah Mason

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