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Independence-A/Tiger-A Plot Summary For November

The crew of the USS Independence-A started the month under attack by three Klingon ships in the Mirror Universe. They were forced to abandon ship and commandeer the abandoned USS Tiger in an attempt to return home. The Independence was destroyed in a massive explosion to prevent the Klingons from taking the ship. The explosion also helped to stabilize the wormhole to send the crew back home to the regular universe.

Independence plot summary for October

The USS Independence-A was drawn into the Mirror Universe while trying to recover a stolen Bajoran artifact. Fleet Captain Riley split the crew into two groups, an away team to recover the artifact and the other to secure the ship and attempt to find a way home.

The crew on the ship sought refuge in a nebulous cloud to prevent being detected by other ships while they tried to figure out a way home. However, the plan backfired when they were detected by a curious Terran Resistance ship. The rebel Captain and her crew boarded and launched an attempt to take over the ship, which resulted in the destruction of the main bridge and several other areas of the ship. Many crew members were injured, some severely. A virus was introduced into the ship systems and is currently ravaging the computer systems and things look bleak.

The away team didn’t fare much better. After landing on Mirror Bajor, the away team split into two teams to attempt to find the second shuttle. Lieutenant Shryker and Ensign Velana were captured by a “mirror” version of Galon Sudra, an inquisitor for the Cardassian/Klingon Alliance. The Shuttle Teddy was destroyed to prevent it from being taken by the Cardassians. After finding the stolen shuttle, the rest of the away team came together and launched a successful attempt to rescue the two missing crew members. The away team then returned to the ship, which is currently under attack by two Klingon Birds of Prey.

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Independence-A Plot Summary for September

After an assassination attempt on Captain Sidney Riley, the USS Independence continued to the Bajoran System under the temporary command of First Officer, LtCmdr Darius Clack. Interrogation of captured assassins, believed to be members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, took place with little useful information obtained.

Independence plot summary for August

The Independence-A has been on a mission to retrieve a stone stolen from the Bajoran Archives.

As of now, the Independence-A is still trailing the vessel used to take the Kosst-Amogen. Some operatives of the Scarlet Brotherhood have snuck aboard the Independence and have caused many troubles. The first of which was the stabbing of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley by two of their operatives. This was in combination with the sabotage of the engine core to create a near matter-antimatter explosion which resulted in a shipwide lockdown and evacuation preparations. They have also tried to poison some crewmembers. One had also taken a child hostage while taking advantage of the confusion. Also, Doctor Sampi and some of his personnel were held captive by some operatives.

Independence plot summary for July

The crew of the USS Independence-A returned to Deep Space 17 after leaving the planet Bilire VI. Most crew members were able to participate in some much need leave and relaxation on the station. The rest of the crew dealt with the aftermath of the situation on Bilire VI and the Reapers.

Several notable things have occurred over leave. Lieutenant JG Shryker dealt with recurring nightmares from her experience with the Reapers. Lieutenant JG Walker found it difficult to deal with her emotions surrounding the Hobus explosion and the Romulan refugees on Bilire VI. Meanwhile, Lieutenant W’tine discovered his father was murdered on Pythro and that he is a wanted man having been framed for the murder. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley and Lieutenant Alleran Tan found out they were pregnant with their first child, a daughter.

Independence plot summary for May

Upon arriving at Bilire VI, the Romulan Colony in the Ithassa Region, the Independence crew beamed down to meet with Ambassador Kare’en and the Romulan colonists to implement their plans to assist the colony. Surprisingly, the crew found the planet to be inhospitable with constant floods and torrential rains and colonists were found to have a great distrust of the Federation’s intention to assist them. The crew also found many colonists were suffering from a mysterious disease. To complicate matters, FltCapt. Riley, Doctor Sampi and Lieutenant Shryker disappeared during a meeting with the Ambassador, leaving LtCmdr. Karynn Brice in command of the Independence. She decided to keep the teams on the planet, however, when no clues became available concerning the disappearances, the senior staff was transported back to the ship to try and find some answers.

Independence plot summary for April

Following the wedding of the LtCmdr. Ethan Brice and LtCmdr. Karynn Ehlanii, the crew of the USS Independence-A, NX-1776-A, was given some time to wrap up their shore leave plots. Then, following a request from Ambassador Kare’en m’Hapron m’Adrina who is stationed on a new Romulan colony in the Ithassa region, the crew was recalled for their next mission. The senior staff gathered for a mission briefing, which began with promotions followed by a ceremony for changing the registry number of the USS Independence-A. No longer an experimental vessel, the ship now carries the registration NCC-1776-A. This was followed by a summary of the situation within the Romulan colony which has been struggling with flooding and poor water quality, along with insufficient medical supplies and facilities. The ship’s senior staff was divided into three teams: one to design and build a water reclamation system, one to design and build levees against flooding, and one to set up proper medical facilities for the colony. After significant time for questions which included the level of technology that could be used during this mission, the senior staff was dismissed. Since then, each of the three teams have met to discuss and plan their various aspects of the mission. Additionally, members of the crew have found some time to participate in activities and scenes that facilitate character development.

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USS Independence-A, No Longer NX!

Well, it finally happened. In a ceremony with much fanfare, champagne and even poetry, the USS Independence-A, a Prometheus-class vessel in our community, has (after just over four years of the harshest testing and preparation a ship can endure) finally lost the “NX” experimental prefix.

This makes its official registration NCC-1776-A. We wish the USS Independence-A and her crew happy sailing in the years ahead!

Independence plot summary for March

Having successfully retrieved the stolen drugs and mauls from the FTU, the Independence headed for some much-needed leave to Deep Space 17. While the crew had many individual plans, the biggest event during leave was the wedding of First Officer Karynn Ehlanii to Lcmd Ethan Brice. The wedding saw many friends and familiar faces show up on DS 17, including Captain Ben Walker, Commander Thelev, Lcmd Danny Wilde and Fleet Captain Mar, who performed the ceremony. The wedding was preceded by bachelor and bachelorette parties, which involved an exciting game of Truth or Dare for the women and a lot of drinking by the men. A good time was had by all.

Independence plot summary for February

The USS Independence-A tracked an FTU ship carrying hallucinogenic drugs to Wheeler Colony and sent two away teams to the surface. One, led by FltCpt Sidney Riley, aimed to recover the drugs, locating them on a moving train. After finding the drugs the Captain and Lt Tyriden were inadvertently beamed to the FTU ship. The remaining team members transported back to the Independence. The other team, whose objective was to determine the FTU’s contact on the surface, was led by Lieutenant Commander Karynn Ehlanii. After an encounter with several hostile locals in a bar, the team successfully made contact with a doctor whose son had been kidnapped as leverage to ensure his cooperation with the FTU.

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