Independence plot summary for March

Independence plot summary for March

Having successfully retrieved the stolen drugs and mauls from the FTU, the Independence headed for some much-needed leave to Deep Space 17. While the crew had many individual plans, the biggest event during leave was the wedding of First Officer Karynn Ehlanii to Lcmd Ethan Brice. The wedding saw many friends and familiar faces show up on DS 17, including Captain Ben Walker, Commander Thelev, Lcmd Danny Wilde and Fleet Captain Mar, who performed the ceremony. The wedding was preceded by bachelor and bachelorette parties, which involved an exciting game of Truth or Dare for the women and a lot of drinking by the men. A good time was had by all.
Also while on leave, Lt jg Alleran Tan rejoined the crew. The Captain’s sister, Shannon Riley quit her job at Gunt’s House of Latinum as Tubby the Happy Tube Grub and fled to the ship. Gunt attempted to take legal action against Shannon, but the Ferengi’s complaint was proven bogus when he confessed that Shannon never signed a contract.
Lt jg W’tine has continued to endure unusual changes in his physiology, brought on during the stresses of the away team mission to Wheeler Colony. With the help of Security and Dr. Nevarass, his situation currently is under control. Dr. Tenzin Zhou has had a surprise reconciliation with his estranged wife, and is returning to Betazed with her. Dr. Charles Sampi will be taking his place as Chief Medical Officer.

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