Independence-A Plot Summary for September

Independence-A Plot Summary for September

After an assassination attempt on Captain Sidney Riley, the USS Independence continued to the Bajoran System under the temporary command of First Officer, LtCmdr Darius Clack. Interrogation of captured assassins, believed to be members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, took place with little useful information obtained. Numerous attempts to disrupt the ship’s systems were attempted by what is believed to be other members of the Brotherhood hiding among the crew. All attempts at sabotage were nullified by quick thinking of the ship’s senior staff. Also at this time a distress call was received from an unknown vessel. However, the vast distance between the two ships caused the message to be garbled.
In an attempt to raise crew morale, Lt Alleran Tan treated them to a specially cooked dinner in the ship’s Mess Hall. The meal was cut short as the Independence was caught in a wormhole while en-route to Bajor. The Independence along with a mystery ship emerged at a point believed to be located in the *mirror* universe. Before the Independence could recover from damage caused by the trip, one of its shuttles was stolen by members of the Brotherhood who minutes earlier had been beamed on board the Independence from the mystery ship before its destruction. In an effort to retrieve the shuttle and the escaped prisoners, an away team was assembled and set out in search of the stolen shuttle. The Independence sought refuge in a nearby nebulous cloud to prevent detection from nearby enemy ships.
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