Independence plot summary for August

Independence plot summary for August

The Independence-A has been on a mission to retrieve a stone stolen from the Bajoran Archives.
As of now, the Independence-A is still trailing the vessel used to take the Kosst-Amogen. Some operatives of the Scarlet Brotherhood have snuck aboard the Independence and have caused many troubles. The first of which was the stabbing of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley by two of their operatives. This was in combination with the sabotage of the engine core to create a near matter-antimatter explosion which resulted in a shipwide lockdown and evacuation preparations. They have also tried to poison some crewmembers. One had also taken a child hostage while taking advantage of the confusion. Also, Doctor Sampi and some of his personnel were held captive by some operatives.
These turn of event slowed down the pursuit of the Brotherhood, however, the ship is now in the midst of recovering and has continued the pursuit into the area of the Ithassa region known as the Bull’s Run. As of now, it is unknown why the Brotherhood has come to this area of space seeing as to how it is quite out of the way from Bajor. With several members of the Brotherhood in the brig, information may be attainable.
With the Captain out of commission, the Independence-A is now under the command of Lieutenant Commander Darius Clack and has resumed the pursuit of the Brotherhood. The crew of the Independence is considering their options at this time.
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