Independence plot summary for October

Independence plot summary for October

The USS Independence-A was drawn into the Mirror Universe while trying to recover a stolen Bajoran artifact. Fleet Captain Riley split the crew into two groups, an away team to recover the artifact and the other to secure the ship and attempt to find a way home.
The crew on the ship sought refuge in a nebulous cloud to prevent being detected by other ships while they tried to figure out a way home. However, the plan backfired when they were detected by a curious Terran Resistance ship. The rebel Captain and her crew boarded and launched an attempt to take over the ship, which resulted in the destruction of the main bridge and several other areas of the ship. Many crew members were injured, some severely. A virus was introduced into the ship systems and is currently ravaging the computer systems and things look bleak.
The away team didn’t fare much better. After landing on Mirror Bajor, the away team split into two teams to attempt to find the second shuttle. Lieutenant Shryker and Ensign Velana were captured by a “mirror” version of Galon Sudra, an inquisitor for the Cardassian/Klingon Alliance. The Shuttle Teddy was destroyed to prevent it from being taken by the Cardassians. After finding the stolen shuttle, the rest of the away team came together and launched a successful attempt to rescue the two missing crew members. The away team then returned to the ship, which is currently under attack by two Klingon Birds of Prey.
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