Independence plot summary for May

Independence plot summary for May

Upon arriving at Bilire VI, the Romulan Colony in the Ithassa Region, the Independence crew beamed down to meet with Ambassador Kare’en and the Romulan colonists to implement their plans to assist the colony. Surprisingly, the crew found the planet to be inhospitable with constant floods and torrential rains and colonists were found to have a great distrust of the Federation’s intention to assist them. The crew also found many colonists were suffering from a mysterious disease. To complicate matters, FltCapt. Riley, Doctor Sampi and Lieutenant Shryker disappeared during a meeting with the Ambassador, leaving LtCmdr. Karynn Brice in command of the Independence. She decided to keep the teams on the planet, however, when no clues became available concerning the disappearances, the senior staff was transported back to the ship to try and find some answers.
Once the senior staff was back on the ship, the Romulans who were not ill, began to riot thinking they had been abandoned. Unbeknownst to the Independence crew, there are Romulan conspirators on the planet who planted the virus to infect the Federation and there is a traitor among the Independence crew who is stealing the virus for agents unknown.
Meanwhile, the trio of officers who disappeared found themselves in a horrific false reality, where their worst nightmares began to come true. They were tormented by an unknown entity until the Captain realized they had been “Collected” by Reapers, an ancient mysterious race previously encountered in the Ithassa Region.

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