Independence plot summary for July

Independence plot summary for July

The crew of the USS Independence-A returned to Deep Space 17 after leaving the planet Bilire VI. Most crew members were able to participate in some much need leave and relaxation on the station. The rest of the crew dealt with the aftermath of the situation on Bilire VI and the Reapers.
Several notable things have occurred over leave. Lieutenant JG Shryker dealt with recurring nightmares from her experience with the Reapers. Lieutenant JG Walker found it difficult to deal with her emotions surrounding the Hobus explosion and the Romulan refugees on Bilire VI. Meanwhile, Lieutenant W’tine discovered his father was murdered on Pythro and that he is a wanted man having been framed for the murder. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley and Lieutenant Alleran Tan found out they were pregnant with their first child, a daughter.
In the interest of fostering cooperation and friendship amongst the crew, Lieutenants Shryker and W’tine organized a beach volleyball game between members of the senior staff. It was a great success and fun for everyone.
At this time the Independence crew has just received orders to track down thieves who stole an artifact from the Bajoran Central Archives and who are believed to be in the Ithassa Region. The ship is headed for the Aurona Sector their last known location.
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