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September Plot Summary for the USS Drake

Regrouping the crew of the USS Drake 1987 balance hard data and educated guesses with gut feeling to come to the conclusion that the Pirates target is the Elkoss Combine Dilithuim refinery.

Arriving in the nick of time the crew fight off the Pirates. One group lead by Lt Col Whale evacuates the refinery while a second group lead by Captain Rogers beams aboard the Rapier, Tomic’s command ship, and manage to disable the guidance system of a second ship containing the weapon.

The third group is an individual effort with CMO Vex beaming over to the yacht and sacrificing his life in an attempt to disable the weapon. He is followed by the Drake’s CEO who in display of android efficiency jettisons the yachts warp core, sets the ship to overload and captures a clone assassin before being beamed to safety.

The fourth group lead by the Drake’s helm officer Ensign Washburn launches a wave of Peregrine fighters against the Pirate ships and their attendant fighter wing. The Peregrine’s are instrumental in destroying the enemy fighters and punching through the Rapier’ shields.

In the final show down on the Bridge of the Rapier Captain Rogers defeats Tomic in a duel via the less than sporting means of firing before the specified ten paces had been reached. Tomic is rescued by his crew and disappears. The crew of the Drake return to sb118 to take up command of the Star Base and inform the family of Doctor Vex that he is dead.

USS Drake Plot Summary for August

Separated into three different teams, the crew are tested like never before, forced to trust criminals with their very lives. After a successful cat and mouse setup, the Leviathan crew, led by Lt. Colonel Whale, baits a combatant ship into the deadly Thunderhead Reach. Taking a shuttle, the crew attaches to the bulkhead of the ship and cut their way inside. A grenade attack severely injures Dr. Vex, but Lt. James manages to download blueprints of a dilithium facility that looks like the likely target of the planned attack on the Federation.

In Port Royale, Captain Rogers team is further split apart. A fight ensues when guards attempt to arrest one team, and Captain Rogers escapes with the Gorn, Krogg. Solok is captured and imprisoned below the bustling port city. LCMD Reed’s team ends up in a slight scrape when their ship captain, Juhani, is corralled by Port Royale security. They escape and regroup with Captain Rogers and Krogg, and Pandora decrypts data describing a deadly weapon of mass destruction. As more guards arrive, the crew have no choice but to head down into the sewers while Krogg creates a diversion. Realizing the sewer is a prison, they must fight their way past prison guards to rescue Commander Solok.

Commander Weston leads a small crew on the cloaked ship, the SS Belle, following the Leviathan into the Reach. Coordinating intel and communications between all groups, Weston and Didrik Stennes must expose themselves to deadly radiation to aid their friends.

USS Drake Plot Summary for July

As the crew of the USS Drake, NCC-1984, attempt to get some rest and relaxation after the stress of their temporal adventure, a freak accident aboard Starbase 118 leaves the Drake’s Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Commander Solok, near death. His katra safely transferred into the mind of Captain William Rogers, Solok is rushed into surgery.

Meanwhile, pirate attacks around the area known as the Vale of Saoirse have been increasing in both frequency and severity. Even more concerning is that Federation Security – also known as FedSec – has received intelligence that the pirates are planning a major, terrorist-like strike against a civilian target within Federation space.

Lacking the resources to mount an operation on their own, FedSec enlists the crew of the Drake to go undercover with the crews of two known criminal vessels – the Leviathan and the Calico Jack – to find the pirates and prevent the impending attack. And they only have 72 hours…

June for the USS Drake

Arriving at sb118 the crew of the USS Drake NCC 1987 dock to a hero’s welcome. Once news breaks of their actions in saving millions of Ishkarians from a temporal limbo and preserving the time line the crew are forced to endure cheering crowds and a gaggle of FNS reporters.

During the promotions ceremony the spectre of the DTI is raised once more when they are awarded the Defense of the Temporal Flow Service Ribbon. The potential internal politics of the situation is not lost on the crew.

In between the promotion ceremony and a celebratory dinner the crew were busy preparing for the DTI investigation. Ensign Washburn dusted off his Legal credentials in preparation to defend Captain Rogers while other members of the crew engaged in activities with varying degrees of legality. Ranging from losing computer records, creating false identities for the duplicate children saved from the alternate timeline and incapacitating then wiping the memory of overzealous reporters.
The crew are fortunate that the Drake is receiving high level support from somewhere within StarFleet and a blind eye is being cast over such misdemeanors.

However the lead DTI agent suspects that some form of preferential treatment is being applied to the Drake and begins to look for a way to place one of his own assets aboard the Drake.

Captain Rogers is left with the uneasy thought that the return of his old helmsman Didrik Stennes as a civilian observer may be more than it appears.

May for the USS Drake

As the away team investigates the Ishkarian beacon facility, the countdown begins to the planet’s destruction. The Ishkarian’s have mistaken the versions of the USS Drake 1987 from different time lines as Borg. A doomsday weapon is powered up in answer to the presence of the two versions of the Federation ship.

Meanwhile, as the two Captain Rogers converse, the meeting of members of both crews has drastic consequences for some. The alternate Lt. Reed succumbs to a reaction to the temporal anomaly and dies. Alternate Cmdr Solok, in the advanced stages of the blood fever, desires Lt. Reed to take the deceased Reed’s place as his wife and issues the Vulcan the mating challenge. Cmdr Solok is victorious. However, after sparing the life of his alternate self, he dies in the same manner as the alternate Reed, leaving Solok’s alternate self to take his place.

The battered alternate Drake undertakes a heroic but doomed mission to restore the timeline. As the cataclysm reaches its apex and the shockwave rushes towards the Drake, Lt. Pandora and Ensign James activate the time travel device and buffer the ship from further temporal radiation. The crew arrive home safely, armed with the information to free the Ishkarians from the distant past trapped in pockets of space/time. As the rescue ensues, the USS Drake docks at Starbase 118 and the crew are welcomed home as heroes.

The addition of some crew and children from the alternate timeline remains to be resolved with the DTI.

April for the Mercury and Drake

Mercury Thumbnail USS Mercury

The rescue of Eyas Wulfantine’s mother was a success, but the senior staff of the Mercury was left with the not-so-minimal task of sneaking back to the Menthar Corridor. After this had been accomplished, the crew settled in around Deep Space 10 for some shore leave.

DSX had come fully online while the senior staff was in absentia, and many of them used the opportunity to explore, meet the new residents, and acquaint themselves with the officers who had recently been assigned there. Events of note during shore leave included an experimental surgery upon Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman and the reappearance of the Ring, last encountered by the USS Drake years before, around a planet in the Omicron Geminorum system. Meanwhile, some of the new junior lieutenants bonded; Captain Quinn Reynolds discovered an old friend; and Lieutenant Commander Isaac Bale and Major Jacen Fanel, the Mercury’s two hardened warriors, discussed the noble art of fatherhood.

USS Drake

The USS Drake NCC-1987 and its crew are stranded 2500 years in the past. Several people begin experiencing strange visions of doing activities they have no memory of carrying out. Others experience a connectedness with their alternate selves.

Research concluded by LCMD Solok and Lt. Stennes determines that there are high fluctuations of phase variance and radiation along certain geological locations of the Ishkarian prime world. Comparing the shard worlds of the future Ishkarian system with the unbroken planet of the past, they determine that the locations of this power build up are at the precise points that the world shattered apart. Working off of Ishkarian broadcasts, they determine that the breaking of the shard worlds may have corresponded to a civil war. An away team is altered to appear Ishkarian by Dr. Dyamone and dispensed to a research facility planetside established to be one of the origin points of the Ishkarian disaster, as well as the Drake’s temporal displacement.

Meanwhile, Captain Rogers transports over with a second away team to the alternate USS Drake. Though they are met by a security team, they are quickly escorted to a conference room so the two Captain Rogers can meet face to face. Left in command of the Drake, Commander Danzia must now deal with a distress beacon from an Ishkarian ship they cannot help without risk of altering the timeline. Though the ship has deflected a Borg scout, the hostile ship is still in the area.

March for the USS Drake

Drake ThumbnailAfter celebrating the well-deserved promotion of Oliver Weston to Lieutenant Commander, the crew heads off on the newly repaired USS Drake to activate the last communication beacon in the Ishkarian sensor array.

A flash of green light shifts through the ship causing multiple explosions and power failures just after the aged and inoperative beacon comes into view. As the crew scrambles to save lives and repair critical systems, Lieutenants Pandora and Reed follow a chronoton radiation power signal to the weapons pod and unearth the source – a time-travel device with the DNA fingerprint of Professor Arnold.

Meanwhile, the bridge crew works to piece together information as the communications beacon, ancient only seconds ago, looms onscreen, suddenly appearing quite new.  They discover that they have travelled backwards in time roughly 2500 years, to a time before the Ishkarian home world catastrophically broke apart into the shards of the modern age.

In addition, Lt. Stennes detects an ion trail identical to that of the Drake. Coupled with the telepathic abilities of the Vulcan officers, the crew ascertain that Arnold sent a duplicate Drake back as well, roughly three days before the current date and time.  Realizing the delicacy of the situation, the importance of protecting the timeline becomes paramount.  As an injured Captain Rogers breaks the crew into teams, they prepare for the moment when the two Drakes meet, the infiltration of Ishkarian society becomes necessary, and Professor Arnold’s secret is revealed.

February for the USS Drake

Drake ThumbnailThanks to the dedicated efforts of its engineering department, the USS Drake managed to limp back to the Ishkarian home system for some urgent repairs. While most of the crew enjoyed a well-deserved shore leave, the ship was repaired and its missing roll bar replaced.

Unbeknownst to the crew, a chronoton device had been hidden inside the replacement roll bar by none other than Professor Arnold. Ostensibly the main Ishkarian scientist involved with the senor array reactivation project, he is actually from Ishakarians’ ancient past. 2,500 years ago Arnold activated the sensor array which he believes resulted in the cataclysmic destruction of the Ishakrian home system. Transported to the present, he is determined to undo the damage regardless of the cost. Three days before, he sent another version of the Drake back to the past. However,spurred on by its apparent failure to alter the timeline, Arnold managed to assemble one last chronoton device. In a last ditch attempt to change history before he was uncovered, he intended to send another version of the Drake back in time.

Meanwhile the crew enjoyed a family picnic at the picturesque Chamadar Falls and the time spent with the many children aboard the crew while Captain Rogers renewed his relationship with Sarion Matsur, who had joined the Drake as a civilian diplomatic advisor. Though they assembled for the promotion ceremony, the crew had no idea what was about to unfold….

January for the USS Drake

Drake ThumbnailThe crew of the USS Drake finds itself at the sharp end of its current mission. The ship has been attacked by a huge space dwelling leviathan and simultaneously infested by an army of poisonous bugs. As the crew race to repair the damage to the ship and battle the bugs, the medical team races to find a cure for the deadly toxin contained in the bugs’ bite.
Faced with an away team being held as “guests” of the Rhyssk-  who are intent on hunting the leviathan – the bridge crew formulate a daring plan to satisfy the Rhyssk’s demand for blood , save the leviathan and activate the Ishkarian beacon which is inside the creature.
An away team lead by the ship’s second officer, Lieutenant Commander Danzia, is beamed inside the creature tasked with locating and activating the beacon. Activating the beacon should allow them to phase shift the leviathan and effectively make it appear that it has been destroyed. All that is required is perfect timing by the Drake’s phasers to produce a light show to convince the Rhyssk that the creature has been vaporised.
Amazingly the plan works and the Drake is able to transport all its crew back aboard before the transporters fail completely. The Drake heads back to the Ishkarian home system for some well-deserved shore leave and essential repairs. The fate of the Rhyssk and the leviathans they hunt is left unresolved.

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The Drake Through December

Drake Thumbnail In the wake of the Klingon Invasion, the USS Drake continues on her mission of finding and reactivating an ancient xeno sensor network deep in uncharted space.  The newest beacon led to an encounter with an enormous space borne biological entity known as a Cosmozoan.  The first of these space whales began communicating with the Drake’s crew telepathically, using each crewmembers past life experiences as a way of relaying a feeling or message.  The wide scale regression created chaos aboard the Federation vessel, just as an away team landed aboard a derelict alien vessel, heavily damaged.  Aboard the not-so-derelict the away team encounter a species of stone skinned hunters named the Rhyssk, who have spent generations hunting the Cosmozoans in there colossal space citadels.  With half of the crew aboard the derelict fighting for their lives against spider-like parasites, the crew still aboard the Drake are faced with an altogether larger threat.  A furious Cosmozoan warrior-guardian views them as a threat to its people’s ancient spawning grounds and attacks full force.  And at its hands the Drake suffers massive damage, losing its roll bar and long range sensor pod to a single attack.  Only a traitorous act by the Drake officers aboard the Rhyssk mothership saves the Drake from further damage, but imperils the away team to the newly offended Rhyssk fleet.

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