USS Drake Plot Summary for August

Separated into three different teams, the crew are tested like never before, forced to trust criminals with their very lives. After a successful cat and mouse setup, the Leviathan crew,

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USS Drake Plot Summary for July

As the crew of the USS Drake, NCC-1984, attempt to get some rest and relaxation after the stress of their temporal adventure, a freak accident aboard Starbase 118 leaves the

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June for the USS Drake

Arriving at sb118 the crew of the USS Drake NCC 1987 dock to a hero’s welcome. Once news breaks of their actions in saving millions of Ishkarians from a temporal

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May for the USS Drake

As the away team investigates the Ishkarian beacon facility, the countdown begins to the planet’s destruction. The Ishkarian’s have mistaken the versions of the USS Drake 1987 from different time

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April for the Mercury and Drake

USS Mercury The rescue of Eyas Wulfantine’s mother was a success, but the senior staff of the Mercury was left with the not-so-minimal task of sneaking back to the Menthar

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March for the USS Drake

After celebrating the well-deserved promotion of Oliver Weston to Lieutenant Commander, the crew heads off on the newly repaired USS Drake to activate the last communication beacon in the Ishkarian

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February for the USS Drake

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of its engineering department, the USS Drake managed to limp back to the Ishkarian home system for some urgent repairs. While most of the crew

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January for the USS Drake

The crew of the USS Drake finds itself at the sharp end of its current mission. The ship has been attacked by a huge space dwelling leviathan and simultaneously infested

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The Drake Through December

 In the wake of the Klingon Invasion, the USS Drake continues on her mission of finding and reactivating an ancient xeno sensor network deep in uncharted space.  The newest beacon

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