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November Plot Summary: USS Drake

As the crew of the USS Drake do their best to pick up and carry on after their harrowing encounter with the Klingon raiding party, Starfleet sends new orders.  Captain William Rogers is ordered to take the Miranda-class vessel deep into uncharted space on mission to locate and activate the next link in an ancient Ishkarian sensor network.

A number of the Drake‘s crew — particularly chief science officer Commander Karynn Brice — are excited at the prospect of travelling into the unknown.  Adding to the excitement is the only fact the crew knows about this area of space: that it is rumoured to be a breeding ground for massive, space-dwelling creatures that the crew has tentatively dubbed “cosmozoans.”

However, the mission quickly takes a somewhat ominous turn as the Drake comes upon an enormous vessel, battered and abandoned, with what appear to be crude pictograms covering its entire hull.

As the Drake‘s executive officer, Lieutenant Colonel David Whale, and chief diplomatic officer, Commander Valis, lead an away team to explore the derelict vessel, some of the Drake‘s more psionically-aware personnel begin to feel a presence.

A one-hundred-and-seventeen-metre male cosmozoan, sensing an intrusion in the territory of the spawning grounds, has altered its course to intercept the Drake

October Plot Summary: USS Drake

After activating an ancient Ishkarian sensory array at “Gate Way Station,” the combined crews of the USS Drake and the USS Avandar found themselves in battle against a Klingon task force while simultaneously trying to save the civilian inhabitants of the station.

Pilots from both the Avandar and the Drake launched a ragtag group of fighters from the station and led the Drake on an attack run against one of the Klingon battlecruisers. Surprisingly, the plan actually works and the cruiser was disabled, but not before the Flamingo piloted by CWO Peace-Lily was smeared across the side of the station in a ball of fire. Just as things became really desperate, another force of Klingon ships decloaked and attacked the first group. The new arrivals drove off the original Klingons and beamed up the boarding parties that managed to gain a foothold on both the Avandar and Drake before jumping off at warp speed.

The Starfleet crews beamed the wounded civilians from the station to the Avandar for medical treatment while trying to save the station, which was badly damaged during the attack.  The civilians were transferred to a federation medical ship and the Drake prepared to continue its mission of exploration.

Follow the crew on the USS Drake (http://goo.gl/IiJV8)!

September Plot Summary: USS Drake

The outbreak of hostilities between the Klingons and the remnants of the Romulan Empire has added urgency to the crew’s mission to reactivate an ancient Ishakarian sensor array. Once activated the sensor array will give the Federation valuable intelligence on fleet movements in the area.  Little is known of their destination beyond the name “Gate Way Station,” a non-aligned space station last visited by Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise over 150 years ago.  The station is surrounded by a dangerous sub space “moat” that only allows for one narrow entrance.  Sending two away teams to the station to locate and activate the beacon the USS Drake NCC 1987 begins communication with the inhabitants of the station when they are attacked by a Klingon battle cruiser.

Just as the situation is becoming desperate the USS Avandar arrives and in an impressive display of tactical fire power drives off the Klingon battle cruiser. Back on the station the beacon is activated causing a massive energy discharge into nearby space. This creates a maelstrom of sub space disruptions and releases a host of gravimetric mine left behind by the Klingons. The mines seem to be attracted to the beacon and are on a collision course with the station. Faced with the threat of the mines the crews of the Avandar and Drake along with the Mercenary outfit running the Station find themselves joining forces to protect the civilians as a task force of Klingon ships arrives!

Follow the crew on the Drake Yahoo Group!

August Plot Summary: USS Drake

Shore leave for the crew of the USS Drake NC-1987 comes to a dramatic conclusion with the successful completion of the SAR unit rescue training and the postponement of the weddings for Doctor’s Dantin and Reid.  The  Drake’s CMO Dantin Vex is badly injured during a cave diving expedition and LtCmdr Reid temporarily  exits on a Medical LOA. The next mission is unexpectedly begun amidst the turmoil in Medical.  The mounting tension between the Klingons and the Romulans has fast tracked the Drake’s mission to reactivate an ancient sensor array the central control of which is located on a desolate shard on the edge of the Ishkarian home system.

Beaming down to the surface the Drake’s CO Cmdr Rogers is overcome by a brain infection and the ships’ FO Major Whale assumes command of the mission. As the crew examines the brightly glowing orb which contains the central control unit the mission takes several unexpected turns.  The control unit is out of sync with normal space time and as Major Whale , Lt Stennes  and the ship’s CEO L t Pandora work out a way to reach it a band of mercenaries under the employ of the Klingons attack the rest of the away team.  The Drake’s Security and Marine force manage to beat off the attack however not before one of the Drake’s shuttles is shot down. As the senor array controls are activated a smaller group of the crew rush to rescue the downed pilot.

For more information, check out the Drake Yahoo Group!

July Plot Summary: USS Drake

The mission to the former Jetkim republic was concluded successfully with the announcement of the new government’s intention to hold open and free elections. Leaving the support of the fledgling democracy to the Diplomatic Service the crew of the USS Drake 1987 head off to their next mission and a spot of shore leave.

On route Cmdr Rogers holds a promotion and awards ceremony where the CMO Dantin Vex is promoted to full Lieutenant  and the entire crew is awarded the Peacekeepers Service Ribbon in recognition of their outstanding effort in the Jetkim Imperium.

A tourist promotional holo program is played for the crew highlighting the many activities available on the Shard Worlds of Ishkara and upon arrival the crew wasted no time in exploring this fascinating system.

The Ishkarian home system is a dizzying array of shards in orbit around a star. Some shards are huge, easily the size of a small moon. Many are protected by vast force fields that hold in an atmosphere and are covered by grasslands, verdant forests and even  small seas. Still others are vast open cut mines with a multitude of small mining vessels busy extracting the rare metal and mineral deposits laid bare by the destruction of the planets.  While Major Whale leads a diehard group from the SAR unit on a hair-raising rescue training mission others of the crew prepare for the upcoming weddings amongst the members of the Medical Department.

Follow the crew on the Drake Yahoo Group!

June Plot Summary: USS Drake

With the political situation within the Jektim Imperium deteriorating rapidly, the crew of the USS Drake, NCC 1984, struggles to keep the peace between the three factions vying for power.  In addition to the political powers, the spectre of the Black Ravens — the Jektim special forces — remains a major concern for all involved, after the group had commenced military action against one of the four main mining facilities that sustain the Jektim economy.

After the stunning revelation that Tully Ander, leader of the Trill political faction, was the mastermind of a bombing that took the lives of two children, Commander William Rogers brought together all remaining elements at a conference in an effort to stave off further upheaval.  However, just as the negotiations get into the core issues, another disaster occurs, causing a large number of civilian injuries, which is quickly followed by the Black Ravens surrounding the summit meeting.

Through concerted effort, the Drake crew helps with the disaster relief and manages to neutralize the Black Raven influence on the summit.As the Jektim people prepare to hold their first free elections in a century, the crew of the Drake helps with the clean-up and prepares for a much-needed shore leave.

Follow the crew on the USS Drake Yahoo Group!

May Plot Summary: USS Drake

The Jektim Imperium — a fully independent star system in the heart of Federation space — is in crisis.  With the death of the man who ruled the Imperium for the past century, the USS Drake, NCC 1987, has been called in to help maintain peace and stability while the Jektim people attempt to fill the power vacuum.

Unfortunately, before Commander William Rogers and his crew even arrive at the Jektim Capital, suicide bombings and targeted attacks on several key political players — and their families — threaten to derail the fragile political process.

Along with the majority of his senior officers, Rogers is currently attending a banquet in the Jektim CGC — Central Government Complex — where he is attempting to get a read on the three key government ministers, Kin Zaht, Tully Ander and Zadon Larkus.

Meanwhile, aboard the Drake, a security team led by Lieutenant Jade Shryker attempts to apprehend a pair of presumed hostiles who have managed to beam themselves onto the Drake using a highly dangerous unconfined transporter beam…

To keep up with their story, follow the crew of the Drake on their Yahoo! Group page.

April Plot Summary: USS Drake

After facing the dangers of NullSpace, the crew of the USS Drake, NCC 1987, engaged in some much-needed rest and relaxation among the beaches and resorts of Alpha Centauri.

Commander William Rogers got to know his new first officer, Major David Whale, while playing golf — badly.  The Drake‘s CMO Dantin-Vex and his family became acquainted with Sakorra Reed and her family while surfing — also badly.  Later, several officers, including Chief Engineer Pandora and new transfer Karynn Ehlanii-Brice joined Rogers in a game of poker. 

March Plot Summary: USS Drake

Stuck in the region they dubbed “null space,” the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 have managed to partially adapt the systems of their ship to the new physical reality in which they have found themselves.

Utilising jury-rigged solar sails, the Drake moved closer to the nearby M-class planet in an attempt to rescue the marine SAR team and others trapped on the planet.  As they began their approach run the Saksenna vessels began to  sacrifice themselves in an attempt to destroy the intruders by crashing into the planet, initiating a cataclysmic, planet-wide series of earthquakes. 

February Plot Summary: USS Drake

The crew of the USS Drake -1987 arrived back from shore leave and soon realised LtCmdr Whale the ship’s COS was missing. Deciding that their orders allowed enough flexibility to search for their missing Officer  Cmdr Rogers takes the Drake out towards Alpha Centuari – the last know location of LtCmdr Whale.

When the Drake backtracks along the path of the LtCmdr’s shuttle it is dragged through a rip in space into another space –time continuum. As the crew struggle to regain control of the ship’s systems they name this new reality “Null Space.”

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