May for the USS Drake

May for the USS Drake

As the away team investigates the Ishkarian beacon facility, the countdown begins to the planet’s destruction. The Ishkarian’s have mistaken the versions of the USS Drake 1987 from different time lines as Borg. A doomsday weapon is powered up in answer to the presence of the two versions of the Federation ship.
Meanwhile, as the two Captain Rogers converse, the meeting of members of both crews has drastic consequences for some. The alternate Lt. Reed succumbs to a reaction to the temporal anomaly and dies. Alternate Cmdr Solok, in the advanced stages of the blood fever, desires Lt. Reed to take the deceased Reed’s place as his wife and issues the Vulcan the mating challenge. Cmdr Solok is victorious. However, after sparing the life of his alternate self, he dies in the same manner as the alternate Reed, leaving Solok’s alternate self to take his place.
The battered alternate Drake undertakes a heroic but doomed mission to restore the timeline. As the cataclysm reaches its apex and the shockwave rushes towards the Drake, Lt. Pandora and Ensign James activate the time travel device and buffer the ship from further temporal radiation. The crew arrive home safely, armed with the information to free the Ishkarians from the distant past trapped in pockets of space/time. As the rescue ensues, the USS Drake docks at Starbase 118 and the crew are welcomed home as heroes.
The addition of some crew and children from the alternate timeline remains to be resolved with the DTI.

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