USS Drake Plot Summary for August

Separated into three different teams, the crew are tested like never before, forced to trust criminals with their very lives. After a successful cat and mouse setup, the Leviathan crew, led by Lt. Colonel Whale, baits a combatant ship into the deadly Thunderhead Reach. Taking a shuttle, the crew attaches to the bulkhead of the ship and cut their way inside. A grenade attack severely injures Dr. Vex, but Lt. James manages to download blueprints of a dilithium facility that looks like the likely target of the planned attack on the Federation.

In Port Royale, Captain Rogers team is further split apart. A fight ensues when guards attempt to arrest one team, and Captain Rogers escapes with the Gorn, Krogg. Solok is captured and imprisoned below the bustling port city. LCMD Reed’s team ends up in a slight scrape when their ship captain, Juhani, is corralled by Port Royale security. They escape and regroup with Captain Rogers and Krogg, and Pandora decrypts data describing a deadly weapon of mass destruction. As more guards arrive, the crew have no choice but to head down into the sewers while Krogg creates a diversion. Realizing the sewer is a prison, they must fight their way past prison guards to rescue Commander Solok.

Commander Weston leads a small crew on the cloaked ship, the SS Belle, following the Leviathan into the Reach. Coordinating intel and communications between all groups, Weston and Didrik Stennes must expose themselves to deadly radiation to aid their friends.

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