The Drake Through December

The Drake Through December

Drake Thumbnail In the wake of the Klingon Invasion, the USS Drake continues on her mission of finding and reactivating an ancient xeno sensor network deep in uncharted space.  The newest beacon led to an encounter with an enormous space borne biological entity known as a Cosmozoan.  The first of these space whales began communicating with the Drake’s crew telepathically, using each crewmembers past life experiences as a way of relaying a feeling or message.  The wide scale regression created chaos aboard the Federation vessel, just as an away team landed aboard a derelict alien vessel, heavily damaged.  Aboard the not-so-derelict the away team encounter a species of stone skinned hunters named the Rhyssk, who have spent generations hunting the Cosmozoans in there colossal space citadels.  With half of the crew aboard the derelict fighting for their lives against spider-like parasites, the crew still aboard the Drake are faced with an altogether larger threat.  A furious Cosmozoan warrior-guardian views them as a threat to its people’s ancient spawning grounds and attacks full force.  And at its hands the Drake suffers massive damage, losing its roll bar and long range sensor pod to a single attack.  Only a traitorous act by the Drake officers aboard the Rhyssk mothership saves the Drake from further damage, but imperils the away team to the newly offended Rhyssk fleet.
Follow the crew of the Drake into January here!

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