USS Drake Plot Summary for July

USS Drake Plot Summary for July

As the crew of the USS Drake, NCC-1984, attempt to get some rest and relaxation after the stress of their temporal adventure, a freak accident aboard Starbase 118 leaves the Drake’s Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Commander Solok, near death. His katra safely transferred into the mind of Captain William Rogers, Solok is rushed into surgery.
Meanwhile, pirate attacks around the area known as the Vale of Saoirse have been increasing in both frequency and severity. Even more concerning is that Federation Security – also known as FedSec – has received intelligence that the pirates are planning a major, terrorist-like strike against a civilian target within Federation space.
Lacking the resources to mount an operation on their own, FedSec enlists the crew of the Drake to go undercover with the crews of two known criminal vessels – the Leviathan and the Calico Jack – to find the pirates and prevent the impending attack. And they only have 72 hours…

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