February for the USS Drake

Drake ThumbnailThanks to the dedicated efforts of its engineering department, the USS Drake managed to limp back to the Ishkarian home system for some urgent repairs. While most of the crew enjoyed a well-deserved shore leave, the ship was repaired and its missing roll bar replaced.

Unbeknownst to the crew, a chronoton device had been hidden inside the replacement roll bar by none other than Professor Arnold. Ostensibly the main Ishkarian scientist involved with the senor array reactivation project, he is actually from Ishakarians’ ancient past. 2,500 years ago Arnold activated the sensor array which he believes resulted in the cataclysmic destruction of the Ishakrian home system. Transported to the present, he is determined to undo the damage regardless of the cost. Three days before, he sent another version of the Drake back to the past. However,spurred on by its apparent failure to alter the timeline, Arnold managed to assemble one last chronoton device. In a last ditch attempt to change history before he was uncovered, he intended to send another version of the Drake back in time.

Meanwhile the crew enjoyed a family picnic at the picturesque Chamadar Falls and the time spent with the many children aboard the crew while Captain Rogers renewed his relationship with Sarion Matsur, who had joined the Drake as a civilian diplomatic advisor. Though they assembled for the promotion ceremony, the crew had no idea what was about to unfold….