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June for the USS Drake

Arriving at sb118 the crew of the USS Drake NCC 1987 dock to a hero’s welcome. Once news breaks of their actions in saving millions of Ishkarians from a temporal limbo and preserving the time line the crew are forced to endure cheering crowds and a gaggle of FNS reporters.

During the promotions ceremony the spectre of the DTI is raised once more when they are awarded the Defense of the Temporal Flow Service Ribbon. The potential internal politics of the situation is not lost on the crew.

In between the promotion ceremony and a celebratory dinner the crew were busy preparing for the DTI investigation. Ensign Washburn dusted off his Legal credentials in preparation to defend Captain Rogers while other members of the crew engaged in activities with varying degrees of legality. Ranging from losing computer records, creating false identities for the duplicate children saved from the alternate timeline and incapacitating then wiping the memory of overzealous reporters.
The crew are fortunate that the Drake is receiving high level support from somewhere within StarFleet and a blind eye is being cast over such misdemeanors.

However the lead DTI agent suspects that some form of preferential treatment is being applied to the Drake and begins to look for a way to place one of his own assets aboard the Drake.

Captain Rogers is left with the uneasy thought that the return of his old helmsman Didrik Stennes as a civilian observer may be more than it appears.

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