September Plot Summary for the USS Drake

Regrouping the crew of the USS Drake 1987 balance hard data and educated guesses with gut feeling to come to the conclusion that the Pirates target is the Elkoss Combine Dilithuim refinery.

Arriving in the nick of time the crew fight off the Pirates. One group lead by Lt Col Whale evacuates the refinery while a second group lead by Captain Rogers beams aboard the Rapier, Tomic’s command ship, and manage to disable the guidance system of a second ship containing the weapon.

The third group is an individual effort with CMO Vex beaming over to the yacht and sacrificing his life in an attempt to disable the weapon. He is followed by the Drake’s CEO who in display of android efficiency jettisons the yachts warp core, sets the ship to overload and captures a clone assassin before being beamed to safety.

The fourth group lead by the Drake’s helm officer Ensign Washburn launches a wave of Peregrine fighters against the Pirate ships and their attendant fighter wing. The Peregrine’s are instrumental in destroying the enemy fighters and punching through the Rapier’ shields.

In the final show down on the Bridge of the Rapier Captain Rogers defeats Tomic in a duel via the less than sporting means of firing before the specified ten paces had been reached. Tomic is rescued by his crew and disappears. The crew of the Drake return to sb118 to take up command of the Star Base and inform the family of Doctor Vex that he is dead.

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