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Fleet-Wide Security Bulletin

FROM: Starfleet Security HQ, San Francisco, Earth TO: Security chiefs of all Starfleet vessels and installations PRIORITY: URGENT Recent events in our galaxy have placed an old foe in a

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Betazed attacked, 1.2 million feared dead

The Betazoid city of Ohmallera lies in ruin today after a devastating orbital bombardment. Though rescue efforts are underway, utilizing resources from nearby cities and towns as well as Starfleet resources, hope of finding more survivors dwindles with each passing hour.

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News from Duronis II

In the wake of the Hobus explosion and subsequent collapse of the Romulan government, it appears that civil unrest has broken-out on Duronis II. Sources say native Laudean rebels have

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++Breaking news: only 10% of Romulus evacuated so far++ Reports from early listening probes indicate that Hobus has gone nova, and will strike the Romulan home system faster than expected:

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Hobus star will go nova “at any moment” – Romulus to be evacuated The sum of all fears has come to pass: a supernova in local space. The star Hobus,

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Controversy during landmark breakthrough with the Federation’s oldest enemy Today, the hand of history is upon us. Astride the famous marble map of the Neutral Zone, Ambassador Spock, the Federation’s

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