Hobus star will go nova “at any moment” – Romulus to be evacuated
The sum of all fears has come to pass: a supernova in local space. The star Hobus, for centuries of recorded history, was a typical mainsequence star in Romulan space, with planets used only for mining. However, in the last few months, the star has transformed, through some unknown process, into the most dangerous object in known space, fuelling fear across the Empire and beyond.
The Romulan Senate has begun the unprecendented step of planetary evacuation. Romulus and Remus are to be abandoned, and the Federation Council is sending Starfleet to evacuate civilians. There is an unprecendented mass panic in the streets of the Capitol in a rush to find any transport from the surface. There is much anger in the populace as it is believed many of the ships of the Romulan Stellar Navy have not been assigned to this mission; no-one can be sure as the size of the fleet is not known outside the Continuing Committee. But the scarcity of transport is adding to the anguish of the billions of souls across the two planets.
There are reports of revolt from Remus against the prioritisation of Romulan citizens in the evacuation lottery. All hopes rest on an experimental device devised by Starfleet and the Vulcan Science Academy, using a substance codenamed “red matter” to create a singularity. The hope is that this will create a graviational well large enough to trap the renegade star’s mass and energy.
Warnings from Vulcan astrophysicists went unheeded until the star’s unprecedently-rapid degeneration caused energy spikes caused sub-space disruptions felt as far away as Bolarus. Investigations by Romulan scientists have shown that the star will go supernova at any moment in the next few weeks, and based on the consumption of its planetary system, the shockwave will gain in power with every star and planet it encounters.
Based on current projections, when the star goes nova, it will take 3 weeks for the subspace shockwave at high warp speed to reach the Romulan system, destroying the homeworld and Remus, before it expands further to consume half the Romulan Empire and Federation border worlds. Due to its unpredictable nature, current scientific models cannot accurately predict whether or not it will go on to threaten more star systems and engage the greatest galactic holocaust in recorded galactic history.
Many believe that this unnatural degredation cannot be a natural phenomenon. In the panic, many voices on Romulus are blaming a foreign plot; many others blame Romulan superweapon tests, but no evidence has been found to support either theory. At present though, the distraught minds of an Empire are concentrated on there being enough ships to hope its thousand-year rule will last into next month.

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