Spock and Senate feared dead on suicide mission to prevent armageddon
For the first time in weeks, a feeling of relief has washed across the Federation at warp speed. However, all it has given the Empire is time to grieve those billions lost.
The Hobus supernova has been contained by an artifical singularity. The gravity of the black hole is drawing the subspace shockwave into it, and will end its momentum in the Romulus sector as the largest such black star known this side of the Great Barrier.
The mission to deliver the “red matter” device was performed by none other than Ambassador Spock, the Federation Council revealed today. Starfleet veteran Jean-Luc Picard revealed that Spock was the pilot of an experimental craft designed to fly at record speeds in order to deliver the crucial, volatile substance into the shockwave.
However, today Federation Thanksgiving is outweighed by the force of the grieving citizens of the Romulan Empire. It is estimated most of the Empire’s population, not to say its industrial base and much of its resources, were lost in the destruction of Romulus and Remus, the central planets of the regime.
Now at the heart of the “dark empire”, lies a dark heart. The singularity has not only destroyed the supernova’s destruction, but left a power vacuum in the Empire. The Senate cannot be located, along with numerous Romulan, Federation and other ships that were participating in the evacuation of the planet. Countless millions are scattered across refugee camps in Romulan space, and the Neutral Zone.
Our reporters on the ground say many have adopted the Romulan mourning ritual of shaving their heads and tattooing their faces. The deaths of so many in a single event will leave their scar. Currently, the Empire is dependent on the help of the Federation, its long-time enemy, in order to merely survive on colony worlds across dozens of sectors.
Currently, Romulan space is under martial law as per the last order of the Senate; however, without a senate, the de facto power lies with the surviving admirals and governors of the colony worlds.
Today, we are all Romulans. But everyone knows darker days may yet lie ahead for this broken, beaten, but proud people.

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