Betazed attacked, 1.2 million feared dead

Betazed attacked, 1.2 million feared dead

Sherry Gibson, FNN
Sherry Gibson, FNN
The Betazoid city of Ohmallera lies in ruin today after a devastating orbital bombardment. Though rescue efforts are underway, utilizing resources from nearby cities and towns as well as Starfleet resources, hope of finding more survivors dwindles with each passing hour. Initial estimates of the death toll surpasses 1.2 million people. In the Census of 2386, Ohmallera’s total population was determined to be 1.41 million. If the initial estimates prove correct, the attack will have wiped out 85% of Ohmallera’s population.
Home to a highly-regarded psychiatric care facility, sources indicate the attack was perpetrate by a known Betazoid criminal named “Armeni,” who herself was once a patient at the psychiatric facility. With the bold hijacking of the Federation starship USS Constitution, Armeni and her followers were able to enter Betazoid space and begin their assault without resistance.
The targeting of a second Betazoid city was reportedly thwarted by the crew of the USS Constitution as they regained control of their vessel.
Armeni and her cohorts are currently in Starfleet custody, though indications are that they will be remanded to Betazoid law enforcement for prosecution.
Sherry Gibson, Federation News Network

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