Controversy during landmark breakthrough with the Federation’s oldest enemy
Today, the hand of history is upon us. Astride the famous marble map of the Neutral Zone, Ambassador Spock, the Federation’s highest representative on Romulus, addressed the Senate of the Romulan Star Empire. This is the latest step in the decade-long journey of glasnost between the two stellar powers that began with alliance in the Dominion War, slowly overturning over two centuries of cold war, tension and emnity with the UFP. However, it appears not all the ghosts of past events have been laid to rest.
Spock, after a brilliant Starfleet career, has been a long-time resident on Romulus, working peacefully for the reunification of Romulus and Vulcan. In the past 40 years, he has been fostering like-minded dissidents in the Romulan underground and drew the ire of the old guard, making today’s address all the more remarkable.
His journey into the heart of the Empire mirrors the course of Federation-Empire relations in the past 20 years. Detente first truly began with the alliance secured in the Dominion War, where the three great powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants undertook the greatest interstellar military co-operation seen since the foundation of the Federation itself. Tensions remained high in the aftermath of war, as peacekeeping in the former Cardassian Union began to give way to territorial disputes. However, relations were strengthened by events of the Reman coup d’etat. In the years that followed, the Romulan military became ever more unpopular for backing the renegade Shinzon as Praetor, at once both a Reman and a Terran with a megalomaniacal complex. He was quickly defeated by a joint Romulan-Federation task force. As the old aristocratic families had been decimated by a massacre by Shinzon in the Romulan Senate, popular elections followed for the vacant seats, left without heirs, and a fresh wave of democracy coursed through the veins of Romulan government.
While the Neutral Zone is still very much a reality, the release of a reformed, post-feudal Romulus into the galactic economy has fostered increasing ties, and a tolerance of the reunification movement on Romulus. In this light, Spock was appointed Ambassador, to the chagrin of the remaining old guard.
In an curious turn of events, Spock in his capacity as a noted scientist, used this maiden speech to warn of the imminent supernova of the Hobus star, in close proximity to the Romulus and Romii star systems. Unusual stellar activity has been detected from the star, however the Romulan Senate decided along with the weight of galactic scientific opinion, that such a star cannot degenerate into a nova so quickly. Spock was accused by isolationist senators of being behind a Vulcan plot, as Spock’s suggested solution could only be performed using Vulcan technology on preciously-rare Romulan ores. These accusations garnered angry protests from a collection of miners in the gallery, who are believed to be the crew that first alerted the Senate to the danger. Proceedings were drawn to a close soon after, after the Praetor restored order and attention returned to the more mundane business of the Empire.

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