News from Duronis II

In the wake of the Hobus explosion and subsequent collapse of the Romulan government, it appears that civil unrest has broken-out on Duronis II. Sources say native Laudean rebels have been rioting in the streets against the Romulans who took over planetary administration just four years ago after a diplomatic struggle that included the Federation and the Zalkonians. Romulan forces remain in control of the capitol city, but have been unable to enforce order on the rest of the planet without further reinforcements. Protesters on the street are calling for the current Romulan governor to step down. A spokesperson for Indivar Mohan, former Crown Price and son of Emperor Vikram III who was killed after a violent uprising which deposed almost all of the planet’s ruling aristocracy in 2382, said that he would continue his efforts to convince the Laudean people that they could govern of their own accord, without outside intervention.