July 2011

Strange New Worlds

Depictions of alien planets in Star Trek have included Vasquez Rocks, Paramount sound stages, and matte paintings from TOS and TNG. But as our ability to see beyond our own solar system

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Poll of the Week: Than-Q

This week’s poll asks you to vote for your favourite Q episode from any of the Star Trek series. Over the years, various crews have been graced with the privilege

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Ops plot summary for June

Finding themselves stranded in a pivotal moment in Earth’s history, the crew of the USS Victory NCC – 362447, and their recently promoted Captain, raced to recreate the Moon Landing

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Drake plot summary for June

After disabling a number of small craft attacking the convoy of refugees, the crew of the USS Drake were faced with the tasks of repairing the ship and dealing with

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Promotions for June

Please congratulate the following officers on their promotions: Eric Allen Lundrigan to Lieutenant Cmdr., Raj Blueheart to Lieutenant Cmdr., John Valdivia to Lieutenant Cmdr., Inarr Rogg D’squamos to Lieutenant JG,

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Aurora plot summary for June

With the ship patched up after it’s last mission, the USS Aurora’s new job was a patrol of a section of the Federation/Klingon border, maintaining a presence in the area

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