Aurora plot summary for June

Aurora plot summary for June

With the ship patched up after it’s last mission, the USS Aurora’s new job was a patrol of a section of the Federation/Klingon border, maintaining a presence in the area should anything crop up.
It didn’t take all that long for just that to happen, with the Aurora – coordinating with the Brikar Defence Force – identifying a vessel crossing the border that was flagged by Starfleet as being of interest in a number of criminal activities. Suspicion heightened still further when the vessel displayed signs of carrying a cloak, though not a very good one.
When the Aurora confronted the ship, the ensuing discussion didn’t go smoothly, with the Orion Captain accusing Starfleet of interfering with a scientific study in neutral space. After a reminder that the Klingon Neutral Zone didn’t exist any more, she agreed to a more face-to-face discussion to resolve the situation.
The Aurora’s Away Team beamed over, but as soon as they arrived, a jamming field began coming from the Orion ship, cutting off contact, and Orions boarders managed to slip aboard during the beaming process. Whilst the away Team experienced little trouble beyond some aggressive posturing, the Aurora itself had to deal with hostile intruders using an incapacitating gas weapon that managed to penetrate almost as far as the bridge.
Now, with the intruders in custody and the jamming field neutralised, the Aurora crew are about to start getting a little more firm in their attempts to figure out just what is going on…

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