Ops plot summary for June

Ops plot summary for June

Finding themselves stranded in a pivotal moment in Earth’s history, the crew of the USS Victory NCC – 362447, and their recently promoted Captain, raced to recreate the Moon Landing and prevent the unraveling of history. While engineering crews worked side-by-side with the legendary astronauts to rebuild the destroyed Apollo 11, away teams were dispatched to 1969 Earth in order to take part in one of the most difficult undercover missions in recent Starfleet history: infiltrating NASA. With all the pieces in place and the ship rebuilt the astronauts prepared to take part in their momentous mission, leaving the Victory and her crew with one final task: finding a way back to her own time.
Meanwhile an old enemy, taking advantage of the situation, reared its shapeshifting head temporarily replacing Chief of Operations Radi Rais before being finally beaten in a battle of wills by Captain Jaxx. With that threat dealt with, although perhaps only temporarily, it became clear to Chief of Science Lt. Tressa that the accident which transported the Victory to 1969 was no accident at all. Finding themselves at the whim of an adolescent Q, the senior staff were tempted with their greatest desires although provided the entity with little entertainment. They were thrown back to their own time to take on an even greater challenge: Starbase 118.

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