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Drake plot summary for June

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USS Drake

USS Drake

After disabling a number of small craft attacking the convoy of refugees, the crew of the USS Drake were faced with the tasks of repairing the ship and dealing with its aftermath. Damage repair teams were dispatched to assist the Christian Bernard the lead ship of the convoy. In addition to effecting repairs the crew came face to face with the Romulan refugees and the conditions under which they are living. The interrogation of the surviving attackers caused some concerns in Sickbay when Security escalated the questioning by threatening one of the prisoners with a phaser.

While the Captain was dealing with the repercussions of these actions , the situation on the Bridge became complicated , with one of the convoy Captains threatening to break away from the convoy. Simultaneously a Romulan Bird of prey decloaked declaring itself to be “friendly”. Unbeknown to the crew of the Drake the Romulan Bird of Prey and the Romulan ambassador aboard the Drake have undisclosed political reasons behind their respective presence.