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April Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy and USS Tiger A

Embassy Tumbnail Duronis II Embassy

After picking up the Akira Class, USS Thunder, NCC-70605-A, the crew began its long trek back home to Duronis II with high spirits about the new ship and getting back to normal. However, when newlyweds Ambassador Tallis Rhul and Fleet Captain Toni Turner were informed by Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa, that his people were protesting the replacement for the destroyed Cheyenne Class, and asked the the Ambassador would come in advance of the Thunder-A to help defuse the potential threat to the Federation Embassy, they could not deny him.

Now as the Ambassador and Prime Minister travel through the Providences of Til’ahn, Captain Turner is making plans to help in other areas by empathizing the additional science labs, medical facilities, and diplomatic suites of the ship and down playing the weaponry the ship makes available.

Tiger Thumbnail

USS Tiger A

The USS Tiger-A was diverted to the Hermates Sector where a strange distress signal was received. After investigation it appeared to have originated from a Federation Shuttle, The Curie, a Zodiac Class Warp Shuttle that was last heard from in 2271 in the Alpha Quadrant near Vulcan. To make matters worse, the area that the Curie distress signal was received was under the influence of the FTU. Upon arrival to a small planet, the Captain and the First Officer beamed down with an away team to investigate. Their investigation was short lived as they soon came under fire from an unknown enemy. Upon returning to the ship, the Tiger came under attack from an FTU ship under the command of Shaelin Gar. To add one mystery upon another, the FTU vessel was destroyed by an unidentified ship moments after the attack on the Tiger ceased. Fifteen Grendellai, including Shaelin Gar, the leader of the FTU ship was beamed onboard the Tiger as it was breaking up. The crew of the Tiger are currently picking up the pieces of the confusing events that have unfolded.

January for the Duronis II Embassy

Embassy TumbnailJanuary was a peaceful time for the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder as shore leave had begun on Earth. With the ravages of war sitting heavily with the crew, they were able to release tensions with the celebration of Lieutenant Paul Sharpe’s marriage to Marine Captain Alexandria Somers.

Events, though, did not go completely well, as Lt. William Tindall’s error in judgment landed him in hot water with the senior staff. Not making sure his special implant was filled with medication and using an expired dosage required his arrest and subsequent stripping of his position and rank. Tindall learned from his mistake, but must earn back the respect of his captain.

By the end of this month, shore leave came to a close. This saw Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess overseeing the final system checks of the new USS Thunder-A as Fleet Captain Turner was away escorting Fleet Captain Sidney Riley back to her ship.

Follow the staff of the embassy as they continue through February here!

The Duronis II Embassy Through December

Embassy TumbnailThe crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder continued their struggle to save the SS Galactic Hauler.  Having put out the fire, the away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess attempted to discover what happened to cause the fire.  Meanwhile, a pirate vessel captained by Harrington James approached the USS Canis Major under the command of Fleet Captain Turner and made threats in regard to the Galactic Hauler‘s cargo.  James’s plan soon fell through as Orion vessels were soon detected approaching and he retreated from the area.  On the Galactic Hauler, Marine Captain Michael Valentino discovered numerous illicit items hidden in one of the cargo holds, prompting Lieutenant Commander Nugra to arrest the freighter’s captain.

Back on board the Canis Major, the away team arrive on the bridge in time to witness Lieutenant Commander Miles Unum and Ensign Abraham Bennit put into action their plan to fool the Orions into thinking the pirates had obtained the freighter’s cargo, allowing the two ships to escape.  Underway again, the crew brought the Canis Major to her final home at the Starfleet Academy Museum.  Before being released to shore leave, the crew attended a ceremony at Castle Mey in northern Scotland to witness the launch of the Akira-class USS Thunder-A.

Follow the Duronis II Embassy into January here!

November Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, having completed most of the cleanup of the Embassy grounds, have now set their sights on their next task, returning the centuries old Hermes-class scout, the USS Canis Major, to Earth.  Once there, the vessel will be turned over to the Starfleet Museum, and the crew will pick up their new vessel.  En route to their destination, the crew picked up a distress call from the freighter Galactic Hauler, which had suffered a massive fire in their cargo hold.

An away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess, beamed over to the freighter’s bridge where they were met by the vessel’s very evasive captain, who refused to show his cargo manifest.  Meanwhile, a second away team led by Marine Captain Angelo Valentino beams in closer to the damaged areas to fight back the fires.  It remains to be seen what caused the fire and what the freighter captain is hiding.

October Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder was successful in defending Duronis II  from the Klingons and the Scarlet Brotherhood.  Unfortunately, the Klingon sub-commander, who was thought  killed in battle, had taken refuge on the Brotherhood ship, the Vengeance, and as his dying attempt to damage the planet tried to crash the ship on Lokesh City. Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess, acting CO of the USS Rodimus Prime, and his crew were able to foil the Klingon’s plan by deflecting the ship away from the planet, but not in time to save the crippled USS Thunder. Both the Vengeance and the Thunder were destroyed, and the Rodimus Prime was badly damaged by the aftershocks.

Later, on the planet, Fleet Captain Toni Turner, Captain Tallis Rhul, and Lt. Commanders Hannibal Parker, Kamela Allison, and Marine Captain Hella were joined by Vess and the crew of the Thunder to vanquish the enemy troops that were burning and looting the Embassy.

Exhausted, battle-worn, and facing a night without quarters, the crew of the Thunder endured the hardships. They began a working shore leave and are now on clean-up duty mixed with leisure time.

Follow the crew on the Duronis II Embassy (http://goo.gl/51o3O)!

September Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder continues their struggle to defend the planet Duronis II from the Klingons and the Scarlett Brotherhood.  With the help of the Romulan Ambassador and the timely arrival of the SS Black Raven, the Klingon fleet was defeated, and the crew set about preparing for their next encounter, this time with the Brotherhood itself.  Teams under Lieutenand Commander Jaxon McGhee and Lieutenant JG William Tindall were sent to the badly crippled Thunder to stabilize the ship and begin rescuing the injured Beta-shift crew.

Meanwhile Lieutenant JG Harold Foster, with the help of the crew of the USS Rodimus-A, tracked down the satellite jamming communications in and out of the system, allowing for information regarding the situation on the planet to reach Starfleet.  With communications restored, Foster enacted a plan to mine the corridor through the Sandbar to slow down the Brotherhood fleet, while Ensign S’Kahh Rossh developed a way to beam a Marine boarding party, under Marine Captain Angelo Valentino, onto the Brotherhood ship Vengeance to capture the vessel.

The crew under Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess, along with their Romulan allies, now face down the Scarlett Brotherhood fleet in their last stand to protect the planet from capture.  At the same time, a team under Fleet Captain Toni Turner is on the planet, preparing to take out the Brotherhood leadership on the planet.

To find out more, follow the crew on the Embassy’s Yahoo Group!

Lower Decks: Ensign Par Salen

Back to the ever growing Lower Decks, where up-and-comers and rising stars alike are brought to the table for a bit of Q&A. In this edition, we’ll be talking with Ensign Par Salen, the counselor of the Duronis II Embassy and her sister ship, the USS Thunder. The writer for Mr. Salen isn’t a stranger to our community, and feels that this time everything’s going to be A OK.

The writer for Mr. Salen, 44 year old Mike from Lafayette, Louisiana, comes to us with a variable background including time served in Desert Storm as a member of the United States Air Force – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! – a psychiatric technician and currently a Registered Sleep Technician, which involves helping people to breathe and sleep uninterrupted throughout the night. With activities in his spare time such as LARP, table-top RPG, hiking, kayaking and certainly anything that involves being outdoors, he tends to keep his life interesting enough. One thing you could add to the list of things that keep him going, is a love of Star Trek and all its wondrous bits and pieces.

The Trek had always been a part of his life. He can recall a time where Star Trek was more than just something to watch: “I grew up watching reruns of of Captain Kirk and crew, wishing they would come pick me up in the enterprise.” Most all of the other franchises followed suit with doses of TNG, DS9 and Voyager also in the mix. Eventually the interest in the genre led to what we’ve all done at some point in our career: aimless searching of all things Trek. This led him here, to UFOP:SB118. I simmed this character years ago,  and he made it to Lt.Jg aboard the Tiger with Flt. Captain Riley, a great Captain and excellent crew. Due to Rl issues I had to leave the group and start over once I was prepared to come back. I never stopped missing the talent and comrades I found here so I am happy to be involved again. Happy to see him back in action, but hopefully this time he’ll stay!

June Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

After a successful mission to recover the USS Canis Major NCC-611, the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605 return to Duronis II for some well-deserved shore leave.  Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess uses the shore leave as an opportunity to further his relationship with Angie Reynolds, asking her to marry him.  Lieutenant Junior Grade William Tindall’s triplets take a big step in their lives when the crew comes together for their Christening ceremony.  After the ceremony Fleet Captain Toni Turner surprises several of the crew with awards and promotions.

Several members of the Tindall family, along with Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison and the newly promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade Winyah Kasara go out to celebrate the triplets Christening and Kasara’s promotion.  The group ends up at a karaoke bar, and prepares to take on the challenge of singing in front of a crowd of strangers.  Meanwhile, a surprise visit from Vess’s father Alfons leads to revelations about his unknown past, and Lieutenant Commander Skyleena Blake is called home to Brekka.

Follow the crew on the Duronis II Embassy Yahoo Group!

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