January for the Duronis II Embassy

Embassy TumbnailJanuary was a peaceful time for the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder as shore leave had begun on Earth. With the ravages of war sitting heavily with the crew, they were able to release tensions with the celebration of Lieutenant Paul Sharpe’s marriage to Marine Captain Alexandria Somers.

Events, though, did not go completely well, as Lt. William Tindall’s error in judgment landed him in hot water with the senior staff. Not making sure his special implant was filled with medication and using an expired dosage required his arrest and subsequent stripping of his position and rank. Tindall learned from his mistake, but must earn back the respect of his captain.

By the end of this month, shore leave came to a close. This saw Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess overseeing the final system checks of the new USS Thunder-A as Fleet Captain Turner was away escorting Fleet Captain Sidney Riley back to her ship.

Follow the staff of the embassy as they continue through February here!