November Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, having completed most of the cleanup of the Embassy grounds, have now set their sights on their next task, returning the centuries old Hermes-class scout, the USS Canis Major, to Earth.  Once there, the vessel will be turned over to the Starfleet Museum, and the crew will pick up their new vessel.  En route to their destination, the crew picked up a distress call from the freighter Galactic Hauler, which had suffered a massive fire in their cargo hold.

An away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess, beamed over to the freighter’s bridge where they were met by the vessel’s very evasive captain, who refused to show his cargo manifest.  Meanwhile, a second away team led by Marine Captain Angelo Valentino beams in closer to the damaged areas to fight back the fires.  It remains to be seen what caused the fire and what the freighter captain is hiding.