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April Featured Bio Winner

Chief Science Officer Alexander Richards of the USS Gemini was born in Tycho City, Lunar Colony. Whilst studying the sciences at Oxford University, Alexander had a paper published on applied warp mechanics past, present and beyond. He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2387, after which he took up his first duty post in the Operations Division on the USS Independence-A in 2388 as the Chief Communications Officer. He later served on the USS Tiger-AUSS MercuryUSS Drake, andStarbase 118 Ops before being assigned to the USS Gemini.

While investigating a strange occurrence on Deep Space 10 during his time aboard the Mercury, Alexander triggered the base’s ancient defense systems and was paralyzed from the waist down. He is now in a wheelchair, but he has not let this get in the way of his career. Alexander feels his biggest achievement in life so far is becoming a father to his son John Richards. He always wants to set an example for him and be the best role model that he can be.


This month, our star pick bio belongs to Major Dade Adarnis,  so congratulations to him!!

Alexander Richards’s bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of April. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 6 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!

January Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

It is a time to rest and recuperate for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. With the arrival of their new liaison to the Laudean government, Ambassador Della Vetri has a lot on her plate when it comes to working with the people of Til’ahn. Though the planet has calmed since the invasion of the bluegills, distrust in the motives of starfleet is still there.

Another issue had been thrown at them. Ensign T’Ana, the aide to Lt Cmdr Nugra turned out to be really a Romulan assassin that turned herself in to Lieutenant S’Lone Tr’Khellian instead of carrying out her mission. She told the command staff of the USS Thunder that her mission was to kill Fleet Captain Toni Turner, but changed her mind for an unknown reason. Now being held in the marine brig, security and intelligence now must find out what shadowy plan they may be facing.

The situation did not improve when a hidden saboteur made another attempt to kill the command staff and the already apprehended assassin, who offered little during her interrogation, but signs point to a more even sinister development, one which had the ability to endanger not only the Thunder, but Duronis as well…

December Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

With LtCmdr Nugra’s team onboard the space station and Major Hannibal Parker’s team on board the derelict Klingon D7, they both worked to dim the hazards they faced. Parker’s team discovered the ship had been a sleeper ship, which had been attacked by the Hirogen with a loss of all hands. They also found a way to get the remaining reactor on line to power up the thrusters to move the D7 into a trajectory away Habitat.

Commander Nugra’s team, now separated, were joined by a team from the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A to bolster their position. From there, they encountered two heretics who lived separately from the main Habitat, who did not believe Nugra’s party were the Originators, the station builders, but from the outside. They were introduced to the AI that ran the station. With the help of the Heretics and the AI, they were able to retrieve their separated compatriots and reunite. During that process, it was discovered the station’s solar panels needed realignment, or the station would become uninhabitable. In exchange for the materials the Thunder-A crew needed to repair the QSSD, the Thunder-A would realign the station, which they did.

Once everyone was back aboard the Thunder-A, a ceremony marked the destruction of the D7. Supplied with materials they needed and the ship repaired, the Thunder-A began her journey to Deep Space Nine, but not before a traitor revealed herself, one which could not only be a threat to the command crew, but to Duronis itself…

November for the Duronis II Embassy

With Fleet Captain Toni Turner on self-imposed medical leave, she left Commander Alucard Vess and Lt. Commander Nugra in charge of taking the command chairs of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A on a shake down cruise to test the newly installed Quantum Slipstream Drive. However, everything that could go wrong, did, and they over shot their destination leaving them stranded in an unknown part of space and the drive offline. Commander Vess decided that the best course of action would be to send a team over to the nearby Torus shaped space station. He also put together a second team to investigate a strange Klingon derelict ship found floating out by the station. With Major Hannibal Parker in charge of the derelict ship investigation and Lieutenant Commander Nugra handling first contact with the station’s inhabitants, everything seemed to be going according to plan.

Instead of finding themselves in a simple situation, Nugra became entangled in a social upheaval and his team being split up by an unknown energy force, but Parker’s team found themselves stranded when the Klingon ship cloaked and vanished from sensors. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

October Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

Time moves on for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A. The mourning of Ambassador Tallis Rhul and the victory over the bluegills made it bittersweet. With approval of the construction of a new space dock in orbit of Til’ahn and the arrival of the Virtruvius’ mobile dockyard, the crew found themselves facing a brand new environment.

The Vitruvius’€™ mission was to install a brand new slipstream drive to the USS Thunder-A giving her the chance to sail farther than she had ever gone before. Installation went according to plan with a quick work and prep for a shakedown cruise. It would not remain peaceful though for the drive malfunctioned and hurled the USS Thunder-A 30,000 light years at the edge of the Delta Quadrant. With the drive down, the mission to find a way home has begun.

September Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

Survival was the highest priority on everybody€™s mind as the quiet war between the Bluegills and the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A turned into a loud and bloody fight to live. With the embassy being overrun by infested Laudeans and the teams of the Thunder and the USS Vigilant NCC 75515 facing deadly opposition of their own, the fate of the Embassy has become murky.

With Team Scalpel and Team Saber melding into Team Spawn, Major Leo Handley-Page took the team into the heart of a Bluegill Queen’€™s nest to kill her. The crew of the Thunder also had to face the death of one of their own when Ambassador Tallis Rhul was taken by a Bluegill and Major Handley-Page was forced to kill him.

Commander Alucard Vess’€™ team, meanwhile, had discovered an ancient Iconian outpost deep in the northern mountains of Duronis II. Inside, they discovered an active Iconian Portal through which the Bluegills were bringing reinforcements as well as the terrifying sight of a Bluegill Spawnmother, the very source of the planetary infestation. With concentrated fire the Spawnmother and the Portal were destroyed, ending the infestation and removing the threat of another.

In the final fight Lieutenant S’Lone tr’Khellian was badly injured and was immediately evacuated to the Embassy where his wounds, including the loss of both eyes, were treated by Ensign Talia Kaji. Duronis II was now safe, but at a heavy cost.

Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for August

The truth about the unrest on Til’ahn has finally been revealed for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. A infamous parasite long kept secret from everybody, but those in the upper echelon of the Federation has surfaced again moving quickly to infest the inhabitants of Duronis II

With the assistance of the USS Vigilant NCC-75515 and her crew, a mission has been constructed to eradicate the parasite. With the crew of both ships broken up into groups, they began their mission.

Commander Alucard Vess’ team were tasked to investigate a potential site for a bluegill hive and working together, have come up with a plan to use insect venom to incapacitate a Laudean host taken over by the creature.

Major Hannibal Parker with Lieutenant Commander Erie’s team were given the assignment to defend the embassy in case the bluegills attempted to breach the perimeter and stop them.

Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Fleet Captain Diego Herrera have remained behind at the embassy to set up a command center to coordinate between the teams. Their medical teams were on standby to examine a host once either Commander Vess or Lieutenant Commander Nugra’s teams were able to capture one.

Nugra’s team was the first to get a host, but sadly it was a member of their own team that had to be turned over for examination.

Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for July

Peace has finally come to the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. The Laudean unrest has begun to calm down, but not completely eradicated. What has captured the crews attention is the mysterious appearance of Captain Diego Hererra of the USS Vigilant NCC-75515 without his ship!

Another strange occurrence is the surprising death of Duke Naran and with no leads, both Laudeans and Star Fleet are concerned that the murderers might have gotten away. With an explosion and assault outside the gates of the Federation embassy itself, the situation looked like the lull might not last long.

With the mysterious aside, the crew has finally begun to enjoy their hard earned shore leave and help in the preparation for Major Hannibal Parker’s wedding.

June for the Duronis II Embassy

When it came to the civil unrest on Duronis II, the situation for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A had not improved. After the loss of Lt Cmdr Jaxon Mc Ghee and his team, the Thunder was able to re-locate them in an unusual place. They had successfully escaped their doomed shuttle by transporting on to one of the nearby Romulan warbirds. Though received with a surprised and suspicious crew, they were able to get to safe passage.

With their crewmembers safe, Lt Cmdr Nugra faced with another problem. A Laudean ship had suffered catastrophic failure of her engine and was now plummeting toward Lokesh city with deadly speed. If not for the timely rescue of Lt Cmdr Alucard Vess and Major Hannibal Parker aboard the runabout, they would not have been able to deflect the doomed ship into the sea.

Now with disaster averted and the crew coming home, they all might be able to get the much needed rest they have earned.

May for the Duronis II Embassy

The situation on Duronis II had not improved since the crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A had last been planet side. Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Commander Alucard Vess are attempting to calm and negotiate with the Prime Minister of Til’ahn by pointing out the benefits of the battle cruiser. They are hopeful the Laudeans with accept the technological advancements the ship offers, rather than focusing on the arms.

While the negotiations continued, the Thunder had been left with orders to assist in cleaning the debris from the spatial sandbar surrounding the Duronis System. This had gone well even with the arrival of a Romulan Squadron saying they were there for the same reason.

The shuttle teams were able to work well until the detonation of an debris warp core, damaging to the war-birds and rendering the Thunder unable to find one of her search shuttles.

Now posed with finding her missing crew, the Thunder has begun a search pattern hoping to find them before the air of their shuttle runs out.

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