September Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

September Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

Survival was the highest priority on everybody€™s mind as the quiet war between the Bluegills and the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A turned into a loud and bloody fight to live. With the embassy being overrun by infested Laudeans and the teams of the Thunder and the USS Vigilant NCC 75515 facing deadly opposition of their own, the fate of the Embassy has become murky.
With Team Scalpel and Team Saber melding into Team Spawn, Major Leo Handley-Page took the team into the heart of a Bluegill Queen’€™s nest to kill her. The crew of the Thunder also had to face the death of one of their own when Ambassador Tallis Rhul was taken by a Bluegill and Major Handley-Page was forced to kill him.
Commander Alucard Vess’€™ team, meanwhile, had discovered an ancient Iconian outpost deep in the northern mountains of Duronis II. Inside, they discovered an active Iconian Portal through which the Bluegills were bringing reinforcements as well as the terrifying sight of a Bluegill Spawnmother, the very source of the planetary infestation. With concentrated fire the Spawnmother and the Portal were destroyed, ending the infestation and removing the threat of another.
In the final fight Lieutenant S’Lone tr’Khellian was badly injured and was immediately evacuated to the Embassy where his wounds, including the loss of both eyes, were treated by Ensign Talia Kaji. Duronis II was now safe, but at a heavy cost.

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