December Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

With LtCmdr Nugra’s team onboard the space station and Major Hannibal Parker’s team on board the derelict Klingon D7, they both worked to dim the hazards they faced. Parker’s team discovered the ship had been a sleeper ship, which had been attacked by the Hirogen with a loss of all hands. They also found a way to get the remaining reactor on line to power up the thrusters to move the D7 into a trajectory away Habitat.

Commander Nugra’s team, now separated, were joined by a team from the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A to bolster their position. From there, they encountered two heretics who lived separately from the main Habitat, who did not believe Nugra’s party were the Originators, the station builders, but from the outside. They were introduced to the AI that ran the station. With the help of the Heretics and the AI, they were able to retrieve their separated compatriots and reunite. During that process, it was discovered the station’s solar panels needed realignment, or the station would become uninhabitable. In exchange for the materials the Thunder-A crew needed to repair the QSSD, the Thunder-A would realign the station, which they did.

Once everyone was back aboard the Thunder-A, a ceremony marked the destruction of the D7. Supplied with materials they needed and the ship repaired, the Thunder-A began her journey to Deep Space Nine, but not before a traitor revealed herself, one which could not only be a threat to the command crew, but to Duronis itself…

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