November for the Duronis II Embassy

With Fleet Captain Toni Turner on self-imposed medical leave, she left Commander Alucard Vess and Lt. Commander Nugra in charge of taking the command chairs of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A on a shake down cruise to test the newly installed Quantum Slipstream Drive. However, everything that could go wrong, did, and they over shot their destination leaving them stranded in an unknown part of space and the drive offline. Commander Vess decided that the best course of action would be to send a team over to the nearby Torus shaped space station. He also put together a second team to investigate a strange Klingon derelict ship found floating out by the station. With Major Hannibal Parker in charge of the derelict ship investigation and Lieutenant Commander Nugra handling first contact with the station’s inhabitants, everything seemed to be going according to plan.

Instead of finding themselves in a simple situation, Nugra became entangled in a social upheaval and his team being split up by an unknown energy force, but Parker’s team found themselves stranded when the Klingon ship cloaked and vanished from sensors. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

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Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti has been a member of the Starbase 118 Fleet now for over five years and she still loves it just as much as she did when she joined. The joys of writing for a character that's truly come to life, coupled with the friends she's met throughout the Fleet, has made 118 a part of her daily life.
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