September Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder continues their struggle to defend the planet Duronis II from the Klingons and the Scarlett Brotherhood.  With the help of the Romulan Ambassador and the timely arrival of the SS Black Raven, the Klingon fleet was defeated, and the crew set about preparing for their next encounter, this time with the Brotherhood itself.  Teams under Lieutenand Commander Jaxon McGhee and Lieutenant JG William Tindall were sent to the badly crippled Thunder to stabilize the ship and begin rescuing the injured Beta-shift crew.

Meanwhile Lieutenant JG Harold Foster, with the help of the crew of the USS Rodimus-A, tracked down the satellite jamming communications in and out of the system, allowing for information regarding the situation on the planet to reach Starfleet.  With communications restored, Foster enacted a plan to mine the corridor through the Sandbar to slow down the Brotherhood fleet, while Ensign S’Kahh Rossh developed a way to beam a Marine boarding party, under Marine Captain Angelo Valentino, onto the Brotherhood ship Vengeance to capture the vessel.

The crew under Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess, along with their Romulan allies, now face down the Scarlett Brotherhood fleet in their last stand to protect the planet from capture.  At the same time, a team under Fleet Captain Toni Turner is on the planet, preparing to take out the Brotherhood leadership on the planet.

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