The Duronis II Embassy Through December

The Duronis II Embassy Through December

Embassy TumbnailThe crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder continued their struggle to save the SS Galactic Hauler.  Having put out the fire, the away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess attempted to discover what happened to cause the fire.  Meanwhile, a pirate vessel captained by Harrington James approached the USS Canis Major under the command of Fleet Captain Turner and made threats in regard to the Galactic Hauler‘s cargo.  James’s plan soon fell through as Orion vessels were soon detected approaching and he retreated from the area.  On the Galactic Hauler, Marine Captain Michael Valentino discovered numerous illicit items hidden in one of the cargo holds, prompting Lieutenant Commander Nugra to arrest the freighter’s captain.
Back on board the Canis Major, the away team arrive on the bridge in time to witness Lieutenant Commander Miles Unum and Ensign Abraham Bennit put into action their plan to fool the Orions into thinking the pirates had obtained the freighter’s cargo, allowing the two ships to escape.  Underway again, the crew brought the Canis Major to her final home at the Starfleet Academy Museum.  Before being released to shore leave, the crew attended a ceremony at Castle Mey in northern Scotland to witness the launch of the Akira-class USS Thunder-A.
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