April Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy and USS Tiger A

Embassy Tumbnail Duronis II Embassy

After picking up the Akira Class, USS Thunder, NCC-70605-A, the crew began its long trek back home to Duronis II with high spirits about the new ship and getting back to normal. However, when newlyweds Ambassador Tallis Rhul and Fleet Captain Toni Turner were informed by Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa, that his people were protesting the replacement for the destroyed Cheyenne Class, and asked the the Ambassador would come in advance of the Thunder-A to help defuse the potential threat to the Federation Embassy, they could not deny him.

Now as the Ambassador and Prime Minister travel through the Providences of Til’ahn, Captain Turner is making plans to help in other areas by empathizing the additional science labs, medical facilities, and diplomatic suites of the ship and down playing the weaponry the ship makes available.

Tiger Thumbnail

USS Tiger A

The USS Tiger-A was diverted to the Hermates Sector where a strange distress signal was received. After investigation it appeared to have originated from a Federation Shuttle, The Curie, a Zodiac Class Warp Shuttle that was last heard from in 2271 in the Alpha Quadrant near Vulcan. To make matters worse, the area that the Curie distress signal was received was under the influence of the FTU. Upon arrival to a small planet, the Captain and the First Officer beamed down with an away team to investigate. Their investigation was short lived as they soon came under fire from an unknown enemy. Upon returning to the ship, the Tiger came under attack from an FTU ship under the command of Shaelin Gar. To add one mystery upon another, the FTU vessel was destroyed by an unidentified ship moments after the attack on the Tiger ceased. Fifteen Grendellai, including Shaelin Gar, the leader of the FTU ship was beamed onboard the Tiger as it was breaking up. The crew of the Tiger are currently picking up the pieces of the confusing events that have unfolded.

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