June Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

June Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

After a successful mission to recover the USS Canis Major NCC-611, the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605 return to Duronis II for some well-deserved shore leave.  Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess uses the shore leave as an opportunity to further his relationship with Angie Reynolds, asking her to marry him.  Lieutenant Junior Grade William Tindall’s triplets take a big step in their lives when the crew comes together for their Christening ceremony.  After the ceremony Fleet Captain Toni Turner surprises several of the crew with awards and promotions.
Several members of the Tindall family, along with Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison and the newly promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade Winyah Kasara go out to celebrate the triplets Christening and Kasara’s promotion.  The group ends up at a karaoke bar, and prepares to take on the challenge of singing in front of a crowd of strangers.  Meanwhile, a surprise visit from Vess’s father Alfons leads to revelations about his unknown past, and Lieutenant Commander Skyleena Blake is called home to Brekka.
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