October Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

October Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder was successful in defending Duronis II  from the Klingons and the Scarlet Brotherhood.  Unfortunately, the Klingon sub-commander, who was thought  killed in battle, had taken refuge on the Brotherhood ship, the Vengeance, and as his dying attempt to damage the planet tried to crash the ship on Lokesh City. Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess, acting CO of the USS Rodimus Prime, and his crew were able to foil the Klingon’s plan by deflecting the ship away from the planet, but not in time to save the crippled USS Thunder. Both the Vengeance and the Thunder were destroyed, and the Rodimus Prime was badly damaged by the aftershocks.
Later, on the planet, Fleet Captain Toni Turner, Captain Tallis Rhul, and Lt. Commanders Hannibal Parker, Kamela Allison, and Marine Captain Hella were joined by Vess and the crew of the Thunder to vanquish the enemy troops that were burning and looting the Embassy.
Exhausted, battle-worn, and facing a night without quarters, the crew of the Thunder endured the hardships. They began a working shore leave and are now on clean-up duty mixed with leisure time.
Follow the crew on the Duronis II Embassy (http://goo.gl/51o3O)!

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