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May plot summary for the USS Vigilant-A

This is the final plot summary for the USS Vigilant-A, which has been retired. Look for our new ship’s summary, the USS Victory, next month!

The USS Vigilant, NCC-75515-A, had been called into Romulan territory to answer for a reported attack on the research station at Gamma Crucis III by an unknown Federation force. With enough evidence now apparent to confirm the Romulans’ claims, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and his crew attempted to pour oil on troubled waters by co-operating with the Romulan diplomatic and repair teams to undo some of the damage caused by the attack. The request for a tachyon emitter, however, caused consternation and bore further discussion. As Fleet Captain Herrera returned to the Vigilant-A to consider the request and whether or not leaving Federation technology with the Romulans was advisable, Federation personnel under the command of Lieutenant Commanders Aribelle Tagren and Eerie learned a shocking secret: the Romulans, who had claimed to be working on a modulating shield, were working on developing a phasing cloak!

When several Andorian cruisers decloaked and resumed their attack on the station, the crew of the Vigilant-A leapt into action. They were unable to stop the destruction of the station after Senator To’Rul seized power and ordered its self destruction rather than allow their research to fall into Andorian hands. Meanwhile, as the Vigilant disabled Andorian cruisers, they also enabled self-destruct sequences, save for one cruiser, which escaped. Having taken a pounding the Vigilant was unable to pursue, but they were able to identify that the cloaks the ships were using had been loaned, or stolen, from the Klingons before they did.

April plot summary for the USS Vigilant-A

Following the discovery of a sentient species on Eridax that demanded their immediate departure, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515-A returned to Deep Space 6 to be confronted by a difficult set of personnel reassignments. First officer, Lieutenant Commander A’ern Zerxes, was reassigned at short notice to tend to a crisis on the Al-Leyan homeworld, leaving a void in the command staff that needed to be filled. Pulling in a few favours to overturn a transfer to the USS Darwin-A, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera approached Lieutenant Commander Aribelle Tagren and recruited her for the role.

Meanwhile, the crew’s participation in a food and culture festival aboard DS6 was cut short by the arrival of Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, the bearer of orders from Starfleet Command. Over the Romulan border, on a research station in orbit of Gamma Crucis III, an attack from Federation ships had been reported, resulting in damage not only to the station but potentially to Federation/Romulan relations as well. In the interests of preserving the peaceful relations with the Romulan Star Empire that the Federation had been enjoying, Starfleet Command had decided to dispatch the Vigilant and both flag officers to investigate the Romulans’ claims and find out how much truth they held…

…because if there had been an attack by Federation ships, someone was going to need to bring the perpetrators to justice.

March Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The Vigilant crew began the month recovering from the difficulties of their previous mission. With the ship still severely damaged and under repairs at the shipyards on Zakdorn IV, they took up residence in the Prak Zel Grand hotel and enjoyed a few weeks rest. Before long, Captain Diego Herrera called everyone together to announce that they would not be returning to their Intrepid-class but would instead be moving into a new Hephaestus-class ship, the USS Vigilant-A.

The crew immediately took possession of the new ship with orders to begin a general exploration mission. They located a beautiful Class-M world with readings of possible dilithium deposits and other unique minerals and plants. Two away teams were formed to investigate areas of the planet. Before long, though, the environment was impacted by violent storms.

The team led by Lt. Cmdr A’ern Zerxes that was investigating dilithium readings in a large cave network was soon dealing with flash floods through the caves and injuries to crewmates. Zerxes has finally been able to make contact with the crew back on the Vigilant bridge to try and facilitate an evacuation, but they are limited without use of transporters and a ticking clock on the wellfare of the injured.

The captain’s team, above ground and near the coast, recognized that a new lifeform was intermingled with the storms and worked to try and make communication. They have successfully made contact, but can they negotiate a peaceful solution?

February Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The Vigilant crew was still mired in problems and split into two groups. An Away Team joined FltCapt. Diego Herrera to meet with the Zakdorn Stratigo, Bokzadema Bokzadeshti in Prak Zel. Lt Cmdr. A’ern Zerxes, First Officer, remained on the ship as team works to stop a virus-triggered auto-destruct.

Herrera’s team faced accusations from Bokzadeshti that Federation policies were favoring founding races such as Terrans and Vulcans to the detriment of other worlds. Herrera sent a team led by LtCmdr. Eerie to investigate suspected conspiratorial activity at the Sulliban embassy. Shortly after they left, the chamber that held Herrera, Bokzadeshti, and other crew suddenly began filling with toxic gas! They managed to access environmental systems to reverse the gas flow but remained trapped and detected armed Sulliban nearby!

Meanwhile, Dr. Velana and LtCmdr. Alleran Tan worked on the evacuation of both Vigilant crew and civilians at Zakdorn IV’s Gelesev Shipyards. Lt. Dueld taJoot and his engineers eventually found a way to access the virus’ source and shut it down. The ship was completely powered down and temporarily emptied. Shortly after, Zerxes received communication from Herrera informing them of the problems at the capitol.

Zerxes’ and Eerie’s teams encountered Sulliban assault teams in the streets. The teams chased off the Sulliban and reconnected with Herrera’s group. Lt. Richard Matthews was able to retrieve data from a chip found on the Sulliban. It revealed communication between the Sulliban and the Vulcan homeworld, adding significant weight to the Stratigo’s earlier conspiracy theory.

January Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

After down time granted for reacclimation to duties in the wake of the Ravensville incident, the crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 received notification that the ship would be inspected by the Stratigo of Zakdorn, Bokzadema Bokzadeshti. Knowing the Zakdorn’s penchant for gaining a tactical upper hand, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera ordered the crew to prepare for the inspection at short notice… but the Stratigo never came.

At least not until 3am the next morning. Her efforts to catch the crew snoozing were inconvenient at worst but the revelation of the real reason for her visit came as the heaviest blow. During the Vigilant’s construction, she had placed a bug in escape pod 1A which had been phased to avoid detection. After playing scenes from the previous year that had taken place on the bridge and in the ready room as proof, Bokzadeshti left, claiming that the Vigilant crew were not as observant as they thought and that things on Zakdorn IV had not been quelled one year earlier.

An irate Fleet Captain Herrera ordered the ship to be combed for bugs and surveillance equipment but this only resulted in the rediscovery of the virus that had been stalking Lieutenant Dueld taJoot since his arrival. After landing the ship, efforts to purge the virus have resulted in the auto-destruct sequence arming. Meanwhile, in the capital, the away team awaits another meeting with the Stratigo to find out more about her allegations that a dark power lurks within the Federation.

December Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, is still trapped in the alternate reality of “Ravensville.” The hospital staff debated the use of Gracialis. Doctor Diego Herrera eventually ruled that it was to be the new go-to medication for their patients. Meanwhile, the police found that Gracialis was emerging as a street drug.

Strange occurrences rippled through Ravensville. Officer Aaron Zerxes was stunned when Police Captain Mark “Eerie” Swift stepped into the street and was struck by Zerxes’ car! The man got up without a scratch, which caused people to question the world around them. Dueld taJoot, who had initially been against the use of Gracialis, suddenly became an advocate for it. Kael Thomas found a strange metal surface behind the wall at the Plaza Caglia bar, which grew larger as the crew tried to stop the piece of music they had been hearing for weeks from playing on their phones. Illegal Gracialis distribution was traced back to hospital worker, Dan Panell, who confessed quickly but was unaware why he’d done it or who his contacts were.

Soon after, the world around them faded away.

The crew awoke together in a large containment chamber, remembering who they really were. They were greeted by a pair of aliens who identified themselves as Senivans. They informed the crew that they’d been part of a behavioural experiment which the aliens conducted on “primitive species.” The crew was returned to their ship unharmed, though they still carry the memories of their time in Ravensville.

Welcome to Ravensville

In the shadow of the asylum, the grey, drab town of Ravensville languishes, its population of 4,000 living from day to day in a world bereft of colour and warmth. Those lucky enough to be working in the asylum rather than being confined to its cells struggle daily to balance the bills and workload of both its hospital and psychiatric wings. The run down ambulance has fallen once again into disrepair, but then given the crumbling paint, graffiti on the interior walls and general sorry state of the facility, that has become run of the mill. The moribund corridors are haunted by a melancholy tune played in a near constant loop by one of the most dangerous inmates, Joran Kellan. Increasingly, he has withdrawn from the outside world and communicates only by playing the ramshackle piano in the Festinger ward’s music therapy room…

Those in pursuit of a shred of hope will likely find there is none; neither on the weed-choked forecourt of Kael’s Garage nor within the Plaza Caglia, the local excuse for a restaurant and bar. Rumour has it that the recent renovation of the local social hotspot (as the only establishment in the town that opens later than 6pm has come to be known) involved nothing more than the installation of several stolen televisions and a lick of cheap paint.

Meanwhile, the police department has met with a rare thrill – a high speed chase between two of its officers and a town resident seemingly desperate to make it to the freeway. When it becomes glaringly apparent that the asylum is to be her next destination, the question must be asked: will this be the fate of all who dwell in Ravensville?

Thrust into a brand new reality with parallel histories, no aliens and set in 2013, will the crew of the USS Vigilant unravel the mystery of Ravensville, or will this be the only future they will ever know…

November for the USS Vigilant

The Zalkonian attempt to commandeer Deep Space Six and steal the slipstream drive intended for the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, lost momentum through a series of errors in planning and lack of contingency. The Zalkonians underestimated Starfleet’s resourcefulness and the crew of the USS Vigilant, regained control of the facility and prevented an attempt to flood areas of the station with a lethal biotoxin. In the aftermath of the attack, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera maintained regular contact with Starfleet Command in order to gauge the reaction of the Federation Council to what could be construed as a clear act of war. With the Zalkonian government denying all responsibility and placing the blame on what they introduced as a radical terrorist faction, suspicions about the reclusive power continues to mount.

Following a period of extended rest and relaxation, the Vigilant set off to once again explore the Zeta Gelis region, engaging its quantum slipstream drive…

Things in Ravensville are grim and bleak. Dr. Diego Herrera, Chief of Medicine, struggles to keep the hospital and mental health care centre, otherwise known as the asylum, afloat. Leo Handley-Page and his staff at the Plaza Caglia struggle to come to terms with the loss of Officer Eyas Wulfantine and members of the Ravensville PD have been involved in a high speed car chase as one of the townsfolk made a break for freedom at all costs. Meanwhile, Dr. Greir Reinard faces off with a mysterious patient who seems to be obsessed with a haunting melody…

October Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

At Starbase Deep Space Six, preparations had been underway for some time to install the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 with a quantum slipstream drive as soon as she returned from her joint mission on Duronis II. The crew enjoyed time to recuperate aboard the station after their last gruelling mission while the last few kinks with the device were ironed out before it was delivered to the Vigilant’s slipstream control room. However, before the drive could leave its storage bay, a human terrorist force struck, staging a coup that resulted in the seizure of the slipstream drive, the execution of Deep Space Six’s senior staff and hostages being taken on the promenade, including Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and Commander Greir Reinard. With Lieutenant (j.g.) Richard Matthews being held by the terrorists’ leader at gunpoint, tense moments ensued as marine and security forces began to deploy to take control of the situation. Early attempts to act resulted in a broken arm for Matthews and a phaser wound for Marine Captain Irina Pavlova. Fleet Captain Herrera was shot in the guts before the terrorists were driven away.

As the pieces of the puzzle unraveled, it became clear that things ran deeper. An attempt to gain control of station’s systems by Lieutenant Commander Kaedyn Zehn and his team turned up suspicion of Zalkonian involvement. As others reached the same conclusion, a wing of Zalkonian interceptors arrived ready and waiting to take the Vigilant’s slipstream drive for reverse engineering and integration into the Zalkonian fleet!

September Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The last mission for the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, saw the crew come face to face with Bluegill parasites, fierce insectoids with extremely strong pincers that allow them to enter a host through their mouth, latch onto their spinal chord and control them completely. Major Leo Handley-Page led a team through underground tunnels, battling parasites in a spawning pit as they fought to kill one of the queens. Meanwhile, the Embassy of Duronis II was attacked by both Bluegill parasites and infected hosts. While Lieutenant Commander Eerie led a team in defence of the embassy grounds in an intense fight, Lieutenants Chen and Zerxes worked from the Vigilant’s bridge to assist Lieutenant Zehn in providing everyone with as much information and support as possible. Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and Doctor Velana came under attack by a parasite whilst trying to save the life of Commander Greir Reinard, who was fighting for his life after an EPS conduit exploded in his face as he attempted to chase down the bluegill-infected Ambassador Tallis Rhul.

Following a period of rest and relaxation on Duronis II following this tense joint mission, the crew have been faced with the unenviable task of picking themselves back up, mourning the officers they have lost and coming to terms with the things they saw and were forced to do to save Duronis II and its embassy from the Bluegill invasion.

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