Welcome to Ravensville

Welcome to Ravensville

In the shadow of the asylum, the grey, drab town of Ravensville languishes, its population of 4,000 living from day to day in a world bereft of colour and warmth. Those lucky enough to be working in the asylum rather than being confined to its cells struggle daily to balance the bills and workload of both its hospital and psychiatric wings. The run down ambulance has fallen once again into disrepair, but then given the crumbling paint, graffiti on the interior walls and general sorry state of the facility, that has become run of the mill. The moribund corridors are haunted by a melancholy tune played in a near constant loop by one of the most dangerous inmates, Joran Kellan. Increasingly, he has withdrawn from the outside world and communicates only by playing the ramshackle piano in the Festinger ward’s music therapy room…
Those in pursuit of a shred of hope will likely find there is none; neither on the weed-choked forecourt of Kael’s Garage nor within the Plaza Caglia, the local excuse for a restaurant and bar. Rumour has it that the recent renovation of the local social hotspot (as the only establishment in the town that opens later than 6pm has come to be known) involved nothing more than the installation of several stolen televisions and a lick of cheap paint.
Meanwhile, the police department has met with a rare thrill – a high speed chase between two of its officers and a town resident seemingly desperate to make it to the freeway. When it becomes glaringly apparent that the asylum is to be her next destination, the question must be asked: will this be the fate of all who dwell in Ravensville?
Thrust into a brand new reality with parallel histories, no aliens and set in 2013, will the crew of the USS Vigilant unravel the mystery of Ravensville, or will this be the only future they will ever know…

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