February Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The Vigilant crew was still mired in problems and split into two groups. An Away Team joined FltCapt. Diego Herrera to meet with the Zakdorn Stratigo, Bokzadema Bokzadeshti in Prak Zel. Lt Cmdr. A’ern Zerxes, First Officer, remained on the ship as team works to stop a virus-triggered auto-destruct.

Herrera’s team faced accusations from Bokzadeshti that Federation policies were favoring founding races such as Terrans and Vulcans to the detriment of other worlds. Herrera sent a team led by LtCmdr. Eerie to investigate suspected conspiratorial activity at the Sulliban embassy. Shortly after they left, the chamber that held Herrera, Bokzadeshti, and other crew suddenly began filling with toxic gas! They managed to access environmental systems to reverse the gas flow but remained trapped and detected armed Sulliban nearby!

Meanwhile, Dr. Velana and LtCmdr. Alleran Tan worked on the evacuation of both Vigilant crew and civilians at Zakdorn IV’s Gelesev Shipyards. Lt. Dueld taJoot and his engineers eventually found a way to access the virus’ source and shut it down. The ship was completely powered down and temporarily emptied. Shortly after, Zerxes received communication from Herrera informing them of the problems at the capitol.

Zerxes’ and Eerie’s teams encountered Sulliban assault teams in the streets. The teams chased off the Sulliban and reconnected with Herrera’s group. Lt. Richard Matthews was able to retrieve data from a chip found on the Sulliban. It revealed communication between the Sulliban and the Vulcan homeworld, adding significant weight to the Stratigo’s earlier conspiracy theory.

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