October Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

At Starbase Deep Space Six, preparations had been underway for some time to install the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 with a quantum slipstream drive as soon as she returned from her joint mission on Duronis II. The crew enjoyed time to recuperate aboard the station after their last gruelling mission while the last few kinks with the device were ironed out before it was delivered to the Vigilant’s slipstream control room. However, before the drive could leave its storage bay, a human terrorist force struck, staging a coup that resulted in the seizure of the slipstream drive, the execution of Deep Space Six’s senior staff and hostages being taken on the promenade, including Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and Commander Greir Reinard. With Lieutenant (j.g.) Richard Matthews being held by the terrorists’ leader at gunpoint, tense moments ensued as marine and security forces began to deploy to take control of the situation. Early attempts to act resulted in a broken arm for Matthews and a phaser wound for Marine Captain Irina Pavlova. Fleet Captain Herrera was shot in the guts before the terrorists were driven away.

As the pieces of the puzzle unraveled, it became clear that things ran deeper. An attempt to gain control of station’s systems by Lieutenant Commander Kaedyn Zehn and his team turned up suspicion of Zalkonian involvement. As others reached the same conclusion, a wing of Zalkonian interceptors arrived ready and waiting to take the Vigilant’s slipstream drive for reverse engineering and integration into the Zalkonian fleet!

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