December Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, is still trapped in the alternate reality of “Ravensville.” The hospital staff debated the use of Gracialis. Doctor Diego Herrera eventually ruled that it was to be the new go-to medication for their patients. Meanwhile, the police found that Gracialis was emerging as a street drug.

Strange occurrences rippled through Ravensville. Officer Aaron Zerxes was stunned when Police Captain Mark “Eerie” Swift stepped into the street and was struck by Zerxes’ car! The man got up without a scratch, which caused people to question the world around them. Dueld taJoot, who had initially been against the use of Gracialis, suddenly became an advocate for it. Kael Thomas found a strange metal surface behind the wall at the Plaza Caglia bar, which grew larger as the crew tried to stop the piece of music they had been hearing for weeks from playing on their phones. Illegal Gracialis distribution was traced back to hospital worker, Dan Panell, who confessed quickly but was unaware why he’d done it or who his contacts were.

Soon after, the world around them faded away.

The crew awoke together in a large containment chamber, remembering who they really were. They were greeted by a pair of aliens who identified themselves as Senivans. They informed the crew that they’d been part of a behavioural experiment which the aliens conducted on “primitive species.” The crew was returned to their ship unharmed, though they still carry the memories of their time in Ravensville.

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