November for the USS Vigilant

November for the USS Vigilant

The Zalkonian attempt to commandeer Deep Space Six and steal the slipstream drive intended for the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, lost momentum through a series of errors in planning and lack of contingency. The Zalkonians underestimated Starfleet’s resourcefulness and the crew of the USS Vigilant, regained control of the facility and prevented an attempt to flood areas of the station with a lethal biotoxin. In the aftermath of the attack, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera maintained regular contact with Starfleet Command in order to gauge the reaction of the Federation Council to what could be construed as a clear act of war. With the Zalkonian government denying all responsibility and placing the blame on what they introduced as a radical terrorist faction, suspicions about the reclusive power continues to mount.
Following a period of extended rest and relaxation, the Vigilant set off to once again explore the Zeta Gelis region, engaging its quantum slipstream drive…
Things in Ravensville are grim and bleak. Dr. Diego Herrera, Chief of Medicine, struggles to keep the hospital and mental health care centre, otherwise known as the asylum, afloat. Leo Handley-Page and his staff at the Plaza Caglia struggle to come to terms with the loss of Officer Eyas Wulfantine and members of the Ravensville PD have been involved in a high speed car chase as one of the townsfolk made a break for freedom at all costs. Meanwhile, Dr. Greir Reinard faces off with a mysterious patient who seems to be obsessed with a haunting melody…

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