May plot summary for the USS Vigilant-A

This is the final plot summary for the USS Vigilant-A, which has been retired. Look for our new ship’s summary, the USS Victory, next month!

The USS Vigilant, NCC-75515-A, had been called into Romulan territory to answer for a reported attack on the research station at Gamma Crucis III by an unknown Federation force. With enough evidence now apparent to confirm the Romulans’ claims, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and his crew attempted to pour oil on troubled waters by co-operating with the Romulan diplomatic and repair teams to undo some of the damage caused by the attack. The request for a tachyon emitter, however, caused consternation and bore further discussion. As Fleet Captain Herrera returned to the Vigilant-A to consider the request and whether or not leaving Federation technology with the Romulans was advisable, Federation personnel under the command of Lieutenant Commanders Aribelle Tagren and Eerie learned a shocking secret: the Romulans, who had claimed to be working on a modulating shield, were working on developing a phasing cloak!

When several Andorian cruisers decloaked and resumed their attack on the station, the crew of the Vigilant-A leapt into action. They were unable to stop the destruction of the station after Senator To’Rul seized power and ordered its self destruction rather than allow their research to fall into Andorian hands. Meanwhile, as the Vigilant disabled Andorian cruisers, they also enabled self-destruct sequences, save for one cruiser, which escaped. Having taken a pounding the Vigilant was unable to pursue, but they were able to identify that the cloaks the ships were using had been loaned, or stolen, from the Klingons before they did.

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