September Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

September Plot Summary for the USS Vigilant

The last mission for the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515, saw the crew come face to face with Bluegill parasites, fierce insectoids with extremely strong pincers that allow them to enter a host through their mouth, latch onto their spinal chord and control them completely. Major Leo Handley-Page led a team through underground tunnels, battling parasites in a spawning pit as they fought to kill one of the queens. Meanwhile, the Embassy of Duronis II was attacked by both Bluegill parasites and infected hosts. While Lieutenant Commander Eerie led a team in defence of the embassy grounds in an intense fight, Lieutenants Chen and Zerxes worked from the Vigilant’s bridge to assist Lieutenant Zehn in providing everyone with as much information and support as possible. Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and Doctor Velana came under attack by a parasite whilst trying to save the life of Commander Greir Reinard, who was fighting for his life after an EPS conduit exploded in his face as he attempted to chase down the bluegill-infected Ambassador Tallis Rhul.
Following a period of rest and relaxation on Duronis II following this tense joint mission, the crew have been faced with the unenviable task of picking themselves back up, mourning the officers they have lost and coming to terms with the things they saw and were forced to do to save Duronis II and its embassy from the Bluegill invasion.

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