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Ship Report: Steadfast

The U.S.S. Steadfast, having had its saucer section destroyed by the Breen, has been in refit operations at SB118.

Monthly Ship Summary: Independence

A dust bowl of nothingness where a civilization of colonists hangs onto a bleak existence: this is the back drop where the crew of the USS Independence find themselves.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory

Victory began the month still rendering aid to people of Pelham IV. LtCmdr. Phoenix and his team had been captured by rebel forces and were held and interrogated.

Monthly Ship Summary: Embassy

“I put my fingers to the keys of this report with apprehension friends, not in a sad or bad way but in a dilemma, how do I explain this riddle that I and my shipmates are in. I will explain as best I can…

Monthly Ship Summary: Titan

During escort duty of cargo convoy to a remote outpost, Titan and her crew have been deterred by one ominous turn of events after another.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory

The starship Victory is currently in orbit around the planet Pelham IV. The planet is at this moment diplomatically unstable and the formation of several rebel factions threaten peace planet wide.

Monthly Ship Summary: Wallace

The Wallace is still investigating and trying to locate the whereabouts of the ship in distress, the P

Monthly Ship Summary: Independence

En Route to Wheeler Colony, the crew of the Independence aboard the USS Hammond encounter a Tzenkethi battle cruiser!

Monthly Ship Summary: Steadfast

After an exhaustive time traveling mission to the past, the crew of the mighty Federation vessel, Steadfast, earned a bit of a break, with adventure for some, rest and relaxation for others, new opportunities and job assignments.

Monthly Ship Summary: Operations

The crew’s attention initially focused on the large anomaly which had been approached the StarBase. This anomaly, which has come to be known as “Ares”, engulfed the StarBase as he continued on it’s course.

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