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London in our Thoughts

The Executive Council speaks for the entire membership of the UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG when it says that the terrorist attacks on London, England were a terrible tragedy. The victims and their families are all in our thoughts.

Interview with Captain Rocar

An IC interview between Lieutenant Commander Devar and Captain Rocar of the Duronis II Embassy. Great stuff!

Ship Report – Duronis II Embassy

Taking a number of Laundean scientists onboard the Nova-Class starship USS Resolution, the Embassy staff ought to have completed a routine short trip to gather readings on the Duronis system sandbar.

Ship report – Starbase Ops

After the stress of the last mission of the last mission the crew enjoyed a well-deserved break which centered on a promotion evening.

Ship Report: Titan

The Titan crew has successfully retaken station graveyard.

Ship Report: Constitution

It is said that the one constant in the universe is CHANGE. That certainly was true for the crew of the USS Constitution.

Ship report: Atlantis

Greene, Sabdok, Soul and Mondana were assigned to the away mission to Midway Station.

Ship report: Columbia

Captain Avatar and Captain Hurne after meeting on the Victory following the promotion ceremony of Robin Phoenix to full Commander discussed an apparent clandestine attempt by a race known as the Kentic to gain control of vital sectors of the Federation.

Ship Report: Steadfast

The U.S.S. Steadfast, having had its saucer section destroyed by the Breen, has been in refit operations at SB118.

Monthly Ship Summary: Independence

A dust bowl of nothingness where a civilization of colonists hangs onto a bleak existence: this is the back drop where the crew of the USS Independence find themselves.

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