Starfleet relaunches USS Apollo-A

Starfleet relaunches USS Apollo-A

EARTH SPACEDOCK — Under the leadership of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholott, a new crew reported to the USS Apollo-A for her relaunch.
Throughout the history of Starfleet, ships have been built, assigned crews, then after some time, they have been decommissioned until a new crews were assigned. For the Odyssey class USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A), one of the largest ships Starfleet has ever built, this history has held true. For several months, the Apollo has sat dormant inside the confines of Earth Spacedock, waiting for a new crew to herald her on a new adventure and now that time has come.
Under orders from Starfleet Command, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti and a new crew gathered outside the docking umbilical leading to the Apollo. The crew, composed of most of the crews of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) and USS Gemini (NCC-80564), had found their way from various parts of the Federation and stood waiting for a welcome aboard speech from their new commanding officer. Nicholotti did not disappoint.
“Across this threshold is the future. She is the USS Apollo-A,” she said in a rousing address to her new crew. “The culmination of all we learned during the Dominion War, the conflict with our Klingon neighbors, and years of research and exploration, she is the bright light of all our futures. She is the finest ship in the fleet, and you have the honor of being her crew!”
Once the speech concluded and the crew was dismissed by the first officer Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, the boarding process for the Apollo’s twenty-five hundred personnel began in earnest.
As the crew boarded and started to settle in, Nicholotti called everyone to their stations. The Apollo’s departure was imminent. The crew began to trickle onto the bridge and were delighted to see new faces as well as faces they hadn’t seen in some time. Soon thereafter, Nicholotti addressed the crew and informed them of the Apollo’s new area of operation, the Typhon Sector. On the captain’s orders, the helmsman Lieutenant JG Randal Shayne fired up the Apollo’s thrusters, and the ship and crew left on their new adventure.

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